Sometime ago, I read a story. A lady broke her engagement after 6 years with her guy after discovering that the guy intended to keep her for the next 4 years before settling down with her.
Reacting to the break up, the guy shared the story online. According to him, he said, “Ordinary 6 years of engagement o. She just returned my ring, saying she can no longer wait for just 4 more years.”

Some guys no get fear of God at all. How do you intend to engage a lady for 10 years? Fear no even catch you to call 6 years “Ordinary.” How can you call 6 years of lady’s life “Ordinary?”
It’s this story and stories like this that inspired this article. I want you to take your time and read through. It will bless you.

As a sister, before you wait for any brother, you need to be sure of what you are getting into. Many ladies have waited for brothers to their greatest regret.
They waited but the brother ended up not getting married to them. They waited, but were disappointed at the end. They waited, but the brother left them after everything and got married to someone else.
So, before you wait, you need to be sure of the things I will be sharing with you in this article.

Let’s not also forget that a lot of ladies waited and everything turned out fine. They end up getting married and that has been one of the greatest decisions of their lives-they waited.
There is nothing wrong with waiting for a brother that’s trying to figure out some things but you need to be sure of some things before you wait so you don’t end up in regret.
When a brother asks you to wait for him, some things can be responsible for that…

He’s not ready for marriage yet but don’t want to lose you
He doesn’t have money for marriage yet
He is trying to figure out one or two things before finally settling down with you.

Now, as you’re waiting for that brother, you need to be aware of the following…

The brother may end up not getting married to you even though you waited for him. He may ditch you, marry someone else and forget about you and your waiting.
He may come up with a cock and bull stories all pointing at the fact that he won’t marry you again.

Other brothers will be approaching and disturbing you for marriage, those that are ready and have the money, only what they need from you is a “yes” and the marriage ceremony will be taking care of within a month.

️Your parents, relatives, friends, well wishers and even the society will be pressuring you, asking you questions, “Why are you waiting for this brother while they’re those who are ready to marry and settle down with you immediately?”

Your time and prime is going too. Every lady has a time and prime(that period when suitors will be flocking around you wanting to marry you). As you’re waiting, you’re adding in age and your prime is also going.
Waiting will cost you something. That’s why you really need to be sure before you wait.
Now, before you wait…

Make sure the brother clearly talked about marriage with you. He proposed to you and you accepted.
Don’t assume that he is going to marry you because you have been friends with him. Don’t make a mistake about this. Don’t assume that you people are in a relationship meanwhile the brother never open his mouth to say anything like that.

Does he has vision and prospects? Life is all about risks. Everything we do in life involves an element of risk. Waiting is risky. Getting married too is risky. But then, taking calculated risk is what makes the difference.
So, before you take the risk of waiting, ask yourself, does he has a vision, prospect and direction for his life that he’s going after? Don’t just wait for any kind of person. Make sure the person knows where he’s going in life to avoid regrets.

Pray about it. Are you really convinced about this brother? What is the basis of your waiting? Are you waiting because you are convinced or confused? Don’t just base your waiting on mere words, probably he promised you marriage and that’s what you’re basing your waiting on.
Your basis for waiting should be something much more than mere words. Do your homework. Pray about it, get convinced, make sure this person is God’s will for you before you wait.

Now, for brothers…
Before you ask a sister to wait for you, make sure you have done your homework. Make sure you will marry her. Don’t go around promising sisters marriage and asking them to wait for you. Make sure this is really the sister you want to marry when everything eventually turns out right for you.
Promising a sister marriage and later failing her is wickedness in high places. She rejected other guys, probably better than you, to wait for you.

So, from the onset if you know you won’t marry her, don’t engage her, don’t tell her to wait for you, let her be. Don’t use a sister to pass time and catch cruise.
Your punishment no go be here. In fact, na devil go supervise it.

Thanks for reading

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