Aunty, if they take away cooking spag, Egusi what else can you cook?
If they take away being a slay queen what else can you slay?
If make up should be taken away from your face what else can you make up?
Aaah! We won’t only cook delicacies we will enter into the kitchen of the spirit and cook out something that will feed nations.
No, our job is not to slay men .

We slay principalities and powers on our knees
We won’t just spend 2 hours in making up our faces we will spend hours in making up our generation on our knees
No, no no the time to use that our tiny voice to attract attention is gone.
We will use our tiny voice to make tiny the activities of demons in our territory.

Eeeiya…we are not not going to have sexual intercourse and abort the baby.
We will intercourse with the holy ghost to abort the works of demons and spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ah ah! Why should we dress to kill?
We will address sin to be killed in our street on our knees in our place of prayer.
We won’t walk and pass for men to fall for us.

When we walk and pass men Will fall under the power of God.
Ah ah aunty, men stops you on the road, collect your number, call and say rubbish?
No, when men dial our numbers they are dialing encounter with the holy ghost.

I don’t know for you aunty.
But as for me my mind is made up.
I won’t show men how attractive I am
I can only show them how attached they can be with God.
Can we press more?

©Echwano Polycarp

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