Please Go Back To God

Please go back to God

Please go back to God
You’ve pretended for too long
You’ve faked it for too long
Prayer power is not when there’s so many people and your voice is the loudest
Prayer fire is not for public eyes only
The applause of men is deceiving
Your secret place has started gathering cobwebs
Too many noise makers but few news makers.

Too many people who ran out too soon from the secret place
Too many people going without Him
Too many people running without His Presence
Platforms have blinded you
Titles has misguided you
You are running on fumes
Time will tell all. Time will show all
Please return to your secret place.

Please return to your first love
Facebook shares doesn’t mean life is being communicated
Facebook likes doesn’t mean you are in the path of destiny.
There’s more to your destiny than here and now.

Oh Lord that we may know again the fire of your Love
That a passion for you will consume us till it is all of you and none of us
Our generation needs to see you and know you
That the earth will be filled with the knowledge of Your glory as the waters cover the sea.

Lord we need you!
We can’t afford to live a lie!
We can’t afford to leave a legacy of dishonor and deceit!
Break our hearts and bend our knees
Change our focus from things to You
Let our gaze remain on you Lord not platforms or influence.
Restore the art of prayer
Restore our love for your Word
Above all, let us fall in love with You again!!

Please sir and ma, return to the Lord. Go back to your first love
He’s waiting for you.
Abba is calling you.
Would you return? Would you choose him again over all?

Rejoice Azuka

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