It was 2010 when Nick was in Dallas for his motivational
speech. There was a girl sitting as a listener. Nick had not
even a single idea then. That this motivational speech will
bring love in his life. Nick met his dream girl Kanae
Miyahara. They fall in love with each other in no time.

Actually, Nick got an opportunity to meet Kanae at the end
of the speech. It was love at first sight moment for Nick.
Before meeting Nick, Kanae was in many relationships.
But that was not more than physical satisfaction for
Kanae. Although the earlier boyfriend was physically
stable. But lack of inner beauty. Here Nick’s rare quality
took Kanae’s heart.

She got what she was expecting in
other men. And the love story of Nick began.
During his speech, Nick was feeling a lack of
concentration for the first time. Because Kanae was
running on his mind. He wished to solve his romantic
issue as soon as possible. Kanae’s kind heart attitude
touched Nick deeply.

The duo then started dating each other since 2010. After
dating for two years Nick & Kanae decided to take their
relationship at the final destination.

In 2012 the happy
couple tied the knot of marriage, and set a goal for lovers that TRUE LOVE HAS NO BOUNDARIES.
And they lived happily since then blessed with beautiful children.

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