You Don’t Have To Be Like Everyone!

You don't have to be like EVERYONE!

There’s is a reason why it took Joseph so long to get to the throne.
It wasn’t a mistake that David was handpicked and anointed as King in the midst of his brothers.
So before you get jealous like the brothers of Joseph or try to stop David from facing Goliath like his brothers.
You need to stay on your own space and grow!

God didn’t make anyone’s future dim and others bright. He’s plan for everyone of us is good but will you wait for the time of your own rising?
Abi, you must buy your first car at 25 because James bought his at 25?
Must you marry now because everyone in your secondary school group chat is getting married?
Yes, she graduated at 20 and you are already 25 without an admission, please keep trying.

Who said there’s an age limit for success and better living? If you are not there yet that doesn’t mean you won’t get there!
Run at your own pace, climb your own mountains, take your own steps no matter how little!
You will get there
This is to encourage someone who feels he/she is too late. Pass it on.

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