Beautiful Lady Can You Pray?


It is okay to be a fine girl, have a good sense of fashion, be able to draw the attention of everyone in the room by your modest outfits but does it end there?
It is okay to do workouts and watch your body weight, take care of your skin and eat food and fruits but does it end there?
I know you walk majestically, you have great confidence and you have a great smile but does it end there? What can you offer?

Fine girl, what do you have to offer to your generation? We love the fact that you are beautiful but where is the evidence of God’s presence in your life? This is a wake up call, sis.
Sometimes we spend so much time on how we look, what we wear, what we eat, how much we spend to look good but how long do we spend on prayer and word study?

How often do you go on evangelism? Who have you spoken to about Jesus or does it just stop at looking good?
Sis, I appreciate your efforts to look good but I am here to remind you that the place of prayer and study should never be overlooked!
God is raising men who will bring His kingdom to men and proclaim God’s word which is why looking fine without praying, studying and proclaiming God’s word will not do so much, Se o gbo?

See, if we must bring God’s kingdom to come we must pray, we must spend time studying God’s word, we must create time for fellowship, we must be careful about our circle of friends.
This is no play time. If you cannot bring men to see Jesus through your beauty sis, you need God’s word not just moisturizer.

What do you say to people when they appreciate your beauty? Do you know you can change the atmosphere into speaking God’s word? Do you know you can speak about the love of God and His splendor?
You don’t need a pulpit to preach Jesus, your modest faith based shirts can spread the good news! You are not beautiful to spread nudity but to proclaim the gospel!
If the people of the world call “nudity” beauty we must stand to show the world that “a beautiful woman is one that knows Jesus”

I don’t know who is here with me? Who is adding volume to this? Can we stand for Jesus with our beauty?
Dear Sis, you are beautiful but without Jesus you are nothing and cannot make impact in your generation.
Do you have challenges serving God because your are beautiful? Ask God for help. If you have questions please drop them

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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