Testimony Of A Brother After Encountering Apostle Selman’s Message.

Apostle Joshua selman
Apostle Joshua selman

After I gave up drugs and cultism and moved closer to God, I lost so many of my friends.
It wasn’t easy when I decided to disconnect from them,but God saw me through.
The message I heard from APOSTLE SELMAN completely changed my life that day.

I didn’t know it was possible for the HOLY SPIRIT to completely take over us and control our thoughts and decisions if we allow him.
I subjected my thoughts and even my actions to him.
Even when the urge to have sex came, I spoke to my body and told it that it belongs to the most high and I fought off my raging hormones.

It wasn’t easy at first, but with consistent and fervent prayers, it became a reality.
After over a year of experiencing true fellowship with God, I was still jobless though and my former friends refused to help me with anything.
So when I got a call from a company that I applied, 6 months ago, I was super elated.
I told my pastor about it and he prayed for me and told me that the interview was going to be successful.
I shaved with my shaving stick,brushed my mouth and combed my eyebrows.

I put on my best suit , used my cheap oil perfume that had that aboki flavor attached to it.
I immediately rushed to the road and stopped a Keke.
My interview was for 9am, but knowing Lagos and its demonic traffic, I decided to leave the house by 7am
Trust Lagos, the whole road was already filled with cars.
I jumped into a Keke immediately and told the guy my destination and he didn’t even answer me as he kept calling out to other Passengers.
An old lady joined the Keke and I told the driver to move that I was going to pay for the other empty seats.

That was when he laughed and spoke to me.
“fine boy no skin pain. You na sure boy”
At 7am, he was already reeking of alcohol, some people really need to have Jesus on speed dial.
Just as we got to mile 2, the old lady began to convulse.
My first instinct was just to run out of the Keke and go about my business.
It felt like a temptation from my village people.

But I kept speaking in tongues silently as I moved closer to her.
The Keke had stopped when I alerted him about the situation on ground.
“This mama na winch oh” He screamed.
For a moment, I wanted to agree with him but the HOLY SPIRIT brought me to order.
When I checked my time, it was already 8am and I still hadn’t reached my destination.

I begged the driver to take us to a nearby hospital and we had the old woman admitted and the doctors said her BP was high and she needed to get some stuff to stabilize.
I had to buy certain things even when I had no cash.
By the time I finished, I rushed to the place of interview and I was told that another person had been employed.

I was devastated and I almost cursed myself for being so foolish.
I got a bottle of sniper and decided I was going to take it immediately after branching the hospital to see the old woman.
When I got there, she was all vibrant and happy and there was a young man with her.
The doctor told them everything that happened and how I helped with drugs and all for mama.

I had tucked the sniper in my pocket so they didn’t see it.
The young man thanked me very well and told me how stubborn the old woman was.
“She never lets us pick her up, she still insists on jumping Keke” He said
“It’s fine. I have to go now, I’m glad she’s fine. I had a terrible day. Lost a job interview and I just need to rest my head”
“Sorry bro.Which company by the way?”

When I told him, turned out that he actually owned the place and many other companies.
Long story short, I am currently heading one of the branches in the UK and it came with a house and a car.
Just one act of kindness, prompted by the HOLY SPIRIT, changed my entire life for Good.
Be kind,be good and let God guide you
What is coming, is bigger than what’s gone!!

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