5 Businesses You Can Start As A Christian In Nigeria

5 Businesses You Can Start as a Christian in Nigeria
5 Businesses You Can Start as a Christian in Nigeria

God’s Will for his Children is wealth and prosperity, but it doesn’t just come, there is a system and channel via which it is transported to us, remember the bible says, Ephesians 1:3-14. “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realm with every spiritual blessing in Christ.”

From the scriptures above, it is evident that we are already blessed as Believers, but you need the technology that will translate the Blessing from the spirit realm into the physical realm, and that is why today I will be sharing some Business ideas, you can consider as a Christian in Nigeria, Nigeria is a blessed country and even other nation recognizes the blessing much more than the citizen, look at the mobile phone industry, most of the smartphones, including iPhones are not from Nigeria, but the companies bringing them here, understand that we have a population advantage that is geared towards their profiting, and that take advantage of that market.

I must also state that, you don’t need to be dubious or fraudulent to make money in Nigeria, there are plenty clean and legit Businesses you can do to make money in Nigeria and be bless.
Businesses you can do in Nigeria

1. Food and Agriculture: Yes! We have such a huge population in this country to the extent that, we have to import food from other country, all the food cultivated here is not enough to meet our ever raising human population, before people think of buying Cars, Houses and other stuffs, the first thing they consider is food! And the level of hunger seems to be growing annually; you can position yourself in this industry and make good clean money!

Some of the ventures you can consider includes, Food processing factory, Food cultivation (Maize, Rice, Soya beans, cowpea, cassava, yam, potato, sesame, cashew and lots more), you can also venture into Poultry, Rabbit Farming, Piggery, Fish Farming (Catfish is a goldmine in Nigeria right now). I remember how I make 3million plus last year (the same year of Covid-19) from raising and selling Rabbit in Nigeria, there are many opportunities for every one of us in the Agricultural Industry.

2. Freelance Services: Are you skillful in one digital line or other? As a matter of fact, if you are not, you can take your time to learn (MS WORD, COREL Draw, Graphics design, Web Design, Web and App Development) these are digital skills in high demand today, as the world is going digital, you can acquire these skills and make money from offering them on the internet, website like Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, Freelance.com will connect you to those in need of your services and you can render them at a fee, a friend of mine made $11,000 in a year working as graphics and web designer on Fiverr, it’s a gradual process, but if you are passionate, you can make good fortune from it, it is not enough to shout AMEN and I RECEIVE in church, if you are not skillful, and resources, there is a limit to which the blessings of God can find expression in You.

3. Restaurant and Catering Services: A lot of our sisters in the lord, are good in cooking and making delicious delicacy, but they do not it can actually put food on their table, or become a major source of livelihood, i mentioned already how that we have the population advantage in Nigeria, you can take advantage of it by opening a restaurant in a good location and make good delicious meal for people to come and enjoy, and you gain financial reward for this, you can go and learn the professional way to make standard good delicacy of world class standard because if your food doesn’t taste well, people will not patronize you again, to secure good patronage, you must be competent enough, hotels and standard eateries are also looking for professionals in cuisine to employ also, so you can take advantage of the food industry.

4. Importation Business: There are many things Nigeria make use of, that are not produced in Nigeria, from Smartphones to Laptop, earrings, Shoes and bags and lot more, you can start with mini importation of some f these items and resell in Nigeria, this is the same business model the likes of Konga, Jumia and others have turned into a Goldmine today. You can always start small and grow big, if you need a guide on mini importation Business, you can read more here. It will surprise you to discover the cheap prices some of the items goes from on Alibaba, Amazon and other major e-commerce platforms across the world and they are sold twice of three times the same price here in Nigeria, if you are determined, it can become a major goldmine venture for you. read more here……

5. Gas Filling Station : This is another Business that thrives in Nigeria right now, almost every household in Nigeria today, make use of Gas for cooking, and that makes it a most for them to fill it. Making Money legitimately is not hard, you only need to figure out a need of people and meet that need, that is how to make money, an average house in Nigeria cook twice at least, per day, and they use their gas cylinder to cook, when it finish, they are already looking for where to fill the gas again.

You don’t have to start a gas station, you can look for a shop in a strategic location to start the Business in a small way, and with time, it will grow. It’s important to state that, this business is quiet fragile, because gas is an explosive and you must be sensitive and careful, nobody should smoke around the location of your Gas filling store, as it can lead to explosion. Like every other Business, it requires some level of knowledge to succeed. You can take some time to learn from those that are already into it. I wish you best of luck.

Remember, the bible says, “So you shall serve the LORD your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you – Exodus 23: 25. God is committed to blessing his people, as you serve God in the church and advance the kingdom of God everywhere you are, God is committed to blessing you, but a major channel he uses to bless his people is via the work of their hand, don’t be idle, idleness will not bring the blessings of God, be hardworking.

The bible talks about some virgins that were wise, and those that were foolish, the major difference between them was that, some had extra Oil, get that extra training, go for extra knowledge, do more research ad start a business, and may God prosper the works of your hands in Jesus name, Amen!

Written by Matthew Jide – www.SportAfriq.com

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