There Are Times….

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

There are times God will tell you things about your life and destiny even most times will confirm it through the mouth of several prophets and sometimes like Mary, you can be wondering “How will this be”? because of how disadvantaged you currently are.
You know you are called into relationship and family life to strengthen and cause a minimal or a total elimination of divorce in the world, but currently you on your own haven’t been in a stable relationship yourself. And you scorn at those visions because you think you aren’t the perfect one to epitomize that dimension.

In dreams and visions, all you see yourself doing is establishing people, helping the poor, building churches, sponsoring missions, helping widows and orphans but presently in your life, your bank account is totally an opposite of the revelation you have as finance keeps becoming an issue.

You’ve had dreams of becoming one who will own schools to reintroduce moral values and kingdom culture in those institutions and to make the needy have access to quality education as well but as it stands, the realization of that vision is far as you are still struggling to pass JAMB or your grade point is nothing to write home about.

You were told that the anointing you carry will be for a generation and will be an international one where kings will look for you, but right now you do not know if you are an Apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist or teacher as there are so much confusion in your life and ministry.
According to my spiritual father Apostle Joshua Selman when many were going out for work, the Lord will often tell him to remain at home studying and building because of the nature of his assignment and when he would be asked “Bro Josh, won’t you be going to work” He’d often say ” I am preparing for an extraordinary destiny”.

Today He is a role model for many across the globe.
Your unique dealings with God may not make sense to others, but will you just allow Him work on you?
How will you explain Joseph’s case who saw himself as King and leader where even his families will bow to him but joseph was jumping from pits to the prisons.

God kept telling Abraham and Sarah that He will be a father of many nations but here is a man who has no hope of childbearing let alone a nation?
Sometimes what you’re going through is a pointer to what you’ve been called and destined to solve.

Don’t kill those dreams you saw.
Don’t take for joke the prophecies upon you.
Keep writing those songs, keeping writing those books.
One day it will be asked can something good come out of Nazareth?

And the answer will be yes!
Something good can always come out of Nazareth.
And you’ll be that somebody who will make something good come out of that place.
Don’t give up!
Your dreams will come true.

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