Dr Becky Paul-Eneche Narrates The First Time She Crossed Path With Dr Paul Enenche

Dr Paul & Becky Eneche
Dr Paul & Becky Eneche

I met him 1989, at medical student fellowship. So I came into the meeting and I said; who is this lion preaching? Who is this guest minister?
Because you see this man, very quiet, you would actually just walked pass him, very unassuming, very innocent, gentle when we were in school.

You wouldn’t believe that, that is the same person that was preaching with that level of fire and anointing.
And well, the meeting ended and then, he made a call for those who wanted to be more on fire. So, many of us came out and he prayed for all of us.

And then, after the meeting, he gave us special assignment and for me, the assignment he gave me was; You go and pray for one hour everyday till next meeting. And am like; does anybody pray for one hour in tongues at a stretch? And he laughed and said; Yes..

And so, I said; fine… I went and set my alarm clock the first day. I prayed and prayed and the alarm refused to ring. So, am like; what happened to my alarm clock? Did it spoil?
So I stopped, I had done like 15mins and that’s how the time grew… and that’s been the impact. I can’t talk about all the impact today but is been a very powerful experience.

I have been so blessed, I have been spiritually on fire and I think it’s a great privilege been married to him.. And I will do it again if I had the choice to…

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