How Should Christians Cope, When Watching Secular Movies

Christian Movie Life

You are watching a movie, boom! They show one sex scene, next thing you don’t know how you are feeling! Who else can relate?
This is why I watch Mount Zion/Faith based movies but if I am faced with such situation from other movies, I close laptop or I forward any of such scene that’s if I am with a group of people and can’t turn it off. What do you do in such situation?

I tell people especially teenagers to avoid certain movies because of how much harm it could cause no matter if you have self control or not.
So when we say don’t be so engrossed with erotic stories and movies, it is for your good. You can’t be edified staying all day watching movies full of romance because when Konji steps in, it would be hard to deal with it.
See, purity is a fight and if we must win then we must work on ourselves.

Stay away from things that would bring lust and doesn’t edify. God is willing to help us stay pure, just put in your little efforts by staying off certain things.
The good news is STAYING PURE is possible with God

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