So one day I and a friend were sitting together having a good time, when she wanted to put a call through to her younger brother at home to ask about his welfare
After reaching for her phone, she noticed that her phone battery had died, which led to the impossibility of the call being made. She then asked me if I came along with my power bank so that she could make use of it. Actually I came along with it. But then the Power bank was not charged.
“What’s the use of bringing a power bank when its not charged? ” she asked.

A power bank has to be charged in order for power to be dispensed from the power bank to the phone.
That’s the same way we have to be power up and charged in order to dispense the power of God from within us to other lives.

The bible made us to understand that “Out of our bellies shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:38). It is when we have something in our bellies that something will come out and flow.
Most times God wants to make use of us. But the issue occurs when our power bank is low, which makes it impossible for God to use us in dispensing power. The power bank here can be our prayer life/ word life.
Beloved Charge Your Power Bank.
Charge Your Self with God’s word, prayer.

Charge so that when its time to discharge you won’t be found low..
Enough of that everyday ministrations And Charge
Enough of that everyday evangelism and charge.
So I leave you with this.
Charge to Gain Capacity to Discharge.

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