God only make those who make Him their priority His priority
Having an encounter starts with a desire to make God your priority
Men who need an encounter always have one desire
Psalm 63:1 “O God thou art my God early will I seek thee…”
Seeking God is what guarantees an encounter
Until you seek you won’t find
Heb 29:13 “And ye shall seek me and find me when ye search with your all your heart”

Sir /ma
Seeking God doesn’t necessarily means praying
Seeking God doesn’t necessarily mean fasting
Seeking God is a desire to prioritize God in all you do
This desire eventually drives you into praying, fasting and studying the word of God.

Its the desire to put God first in all; loving Him above all things
Gen 1:1 “in the Beginning, God created the Heaven and the earth”
If He was the first in creation He must be the first in your life
You can never encounter God when you are still keeping that unGodly relationship
You can never encounter God when you are still in love with worldly things.

You can never encounter God when your phone is still your priority
If you want to truly encounter God, you need to define your priorities
If it isn’t God, then you won’t ever encounter Him
God must be your number one before He can make you His number one
Make that decision today and save your generation
Make Him your priority

©Dave Kwazer

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