Evangelist Lawrence Oyor
Evangelist Lawrence Oyor

So many of the things we are doing today are not really standing on anything, you can go to church sit down and enjoy AC, if you want to marry, your husband can locate you in church, you will even learn about your business in church, etc.
When you go back to the root you can find only 1% of people who are loyal to the Lamb of God, I mean to the point of death. People are not ready to stake their lives for God.

Don’t say you are ready, look at the sacrifice. Ordinary trekking to a church that is 2hours far from you, you can’t! You will be asking yourself who is the minister? What is he ministering?
Little is coming from us because of the so much convenience that’s happening in our time.

God always have a remnant, people who know that there is a path, the problem is that they are still few. It’s not that there are no persons, there are people who have locked themselves up for years, you are thinking you are the one they know
Look at scripture, the bible says God gave them saul for the space of 40years and raised up David for Himself.

God dashed them saul and made him occupy space for 40years until he was done with David, A man who will do all His will
All those times God will tell you to do this and do that, you are busy postponing, complaining and giving excuses, some persons say things like; ” you know I have a relationship with God and I know how to talk to my God” you are saying those kinds of things.

Somebody is there in the secret getting ready for the future.
I pray you will be stirred to join that wagon in Jesus name.

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