“DO YOU FEEL WEARY TO PRAY?” – Apostle Arome Osayi

Apostle Arome Osayi
Apostle Arome Osayi

If you are going to fight a spiritual battle, one of the luxuries you will not enjoy is ignorance. True spiritual strength is a function of insights, it’s a function of knowledge, it’s a function of Revelation and if you want to go the realm where you can access Revelation you will have to put yourself on a particular spiritual diet, there must be a kind of lifestyle you have to sustain.

When you decide that you want to gain mastery in spiritual things, you will find out that if the devil cannot stop you, he will make you have weights. Think of somebody that is running and its carrying a sack of yam.
When you discover that your spiritual life is not moving the way it should it is because a demon has put a weight!
First of all check your life, how many hours do you give to films, videos, etc because most of the weight these days are from the area of entertainment. You have given out the quality time to something else
When you sleep during prayers it’s not because you are sick, its because there is something in your life called a weight. Demons are intelligent beings, they know your lusts, they know how you think so they tempt you along the lines of your lust.

In other for you to make progress, those your lusts, those things you like are the things God will ask for in order for you to starve it.
You can’t fight with an Armour that has a hole and if demons can puncture your conscience you will fall in the day of battle.

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