In one occasion, Kathryn was preaching in a church and someone had informed the pastor that she was divorced which led to the pastor walking up to the front and grabbing the microphone from her and apologizing to the crowd for having a “false prophet” preaching, she was escorted by the ushers out of the church and ran off town. On a rare occasion where Kathryn would address her past she made this comment about her peers during her crisis.

“… You know sometimes it’s a thousand times easier to die physically than to keep on living.
You see, the Lord forgives, but people don’t.. it would be much better if you would just take a gun, pull the trigger, and kill that one rather than to take the sword of the Spirit, and this is what Christians will do. They use it, not for healing, they use it not for mercy, they use it not with compassion, but they take the Word and use it as a sword.

They’ll drive it in, and they’ll drive it in, and they’ll drive it in, and they’ll drive it in. And they’ll pierce your heart, and they’ll pierce it clear through. It’s much easier to die than to live. The end of that dead-end street is when I died at four on a Saturday afternoon.

Today, I feel it was part of God’s perfect will for my life.” we can learn from Kathryn’s example that no one is far too gone, instead of driving the word of God, let’s help our brothers and sisters heal and get right with God.

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