“AWARENESS” – Pastor Femi Lazarus

Pastor Femi Lazarus
Pastor Femi Lazarus

A while ago I had a meeting in a state here in Nigeria, one of the brothers around called to tell me that a woman had been seeking for an appointment so I could pray with her about an ailment that she had exhausted all her finances on, yet with no solution.

The following day I requested to meet with her, and when she came, she came in with a bag full of drugs that she was using on a daily basis.
Her frustration was obvious, and it was also clear that she was gradually giving up on life.

I held her right had and commanded the spirit of infirmity out of her, and instantly, she fell to the ground and shook for some minutes and got back up completely whole, how did I know? It was an ailment with a very evident symptom.

The brother beside me who also was a pastor got so confused, he began to question how it was that easy to get her healed without any worship song ahead first, or some strings from the keyboard. I turned towards him and whispered into his ears; “AWARENESS!”

This exactly is what many believers lack, many don’t know that they can actually administer the anointing to people in need without any struggle, many are not aware that they can chase out demons. If only you are aware of what you are carrying, you will do more than you are doing.

You don’t enter into the realm of consistent result until you become AWARE of who you are and what you represent.

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