Real men like their food covered

Dressing half naked to seduce men is old fashion
Real men don’t eat uncovered food
Wise up girls
People always say that “you’re address most times by the way you dress”
I so much believe in modesty and decency
Who told you that you have to walk half naked to attract men?
You might probably attract men but the wrong ones
Men who are after feeding their fleshy desires.

Real men like their food covered
You can still be well dressed and beautiful
In this kingdom we believe in modesty and decency its our watchword
I am a B+B+C lady
Brain and
Dear sis you don’t dress half naked to bring men to bed but rather in Holiness bring men to Christ.

The only difference is that VASHTI was a BEAUTY FOOL
ESTHER was BEAUTIFUL…Beyond her Beauty she also had CONTENT(Fire)
Sister, please carry FIRE…
ESTHER had attractive curves and shapes to protect, yet She could still FAST and PRAY.
If you have BEAUTY and lack CONTENT(Fire) you’re not BEAUTIFUL…I don’t know what you’re, but i know you’re not Beautiful.

It was actually a BEAUTY CONTEST that Esther won that took her to the PALACE…Yet she was not the only Beautiful lady
Let me ask you “If what you have, everyone else has it, what then is your Advantage?”
It was clear that ESTHER had something that every other lady there don’t have…ANOINTING (fire)

Sister, please carry CONTENT oooh…Beauty is not an Advantage in time or ask VASHTI.

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