“God never, never, never moves without a sign” – Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts
Oral Roberts

“God never, never, never moves without a sign. Only denominations move without signs. God never does! We have program, ritual, ceremony, forms, but few signs. We have the form but lack the power.

God moves by signs…He put a rod in Moses right hand and by that rod, by that sign, Moses was able to deliver the people of God. He put a mantle in Elijah’s hands. He used Peter’s shadow, Paul’s handkerchiefs and aprons. Throughout the Bible God used signs among His People….The Word says He worked with them confirming His words with signs following.

The book of Acts speaks of many signs, of many signs and wonders being wrought by the hands of the apostles. I never accomplished much for God until His sign came in my right hand. When that sign came as a point of contact to help me turn my faith loose, to help the masses turn their faith loose, I began to deliver people. Under the Spirit and the anointing of the power of God, people are being set free by the tens of thousands.

I tell you, people, we have got to get back to God’s signs and wonders. We sing like angels and coo like doves, but we are short of God’s power. We speak like an orator, we recite like an actor, but we don’t have the signs that heal the sick, that raise the dead, that cleanse the lepers, that cast out devils in our day.

People, we will never set the people free until we have the miraculous power of God flowing through our ministry, through our songs, through our sermons, our prayers, our daily lives. This is the hour for God’s mighty wonder-working signs. A new spirit is in the earth. God is confirming His Words WITH SIGNS FOLLOWING.”

Oral Roberts in his famous “Samson and Delilah” sermon in the Oral Roberts Reader, 1958.

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