Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola: A MAN ON FIRE FOR GOD

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola
Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola

This is one of the early pictures of Apostle Joseph Babalola one of the progenitors of the early revival fire that swept through Nigeria in the early 30’s & 40’s. My God! This man was on fire for God. There was not so much noise and razzmatazz. With his bell in his hand and a mismatched ‘babariga’ and ‘sokoto’ and a pair of sandal standing on a make-shift pulpit, this anointed servant of God strode through this world like a blazing comet.

He doesn’t need to scream and shout yet he was anointed to the teeth. His simplicity and humility is simply enchanting. He was a terror to the kingdom of hell. He put many herbalist out of business and expelled demons who had the forest as their place of domain. Times without number they will bring the dead to his meetings and lay them right in front of the altar where he ministered and without getting distracted from his message, the dead will get up and walk from where they have been kept.

He was a man who turned the mountains to his Prayer gym and on one occasion, it was said while he was praying, a python crawled over him and he never cared only to get up after prayers to discover the python lying dead by his side. His life is a reprimand to many of us.

God is seeking for men who He can invest His unction to trigger another flame of revival in this depraved world. Thank God for the world in which we live in and praise Him for the advancement of technology but this will never take the place of prayer and the Holy Spirit. These days we have so many organizers but few agonizers. So many speakers but few prayers. If we fail in this, we fail in all.

God I release myself unto you. And as said by John Wesley “Set me on fire Lord and cause the world to come watch me burn.” Make this your prayer too. The world is waiting.

Please share this with your friend if you are tired of religion and hungry for God’s visitation.

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