“Your Body Only Goes Where Your Mind Has Gone” – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Our levels of exposure. This is very powerful!
Exposure is a miracle and exposure is a blessing, even though it can be destructive.
What is exposure?
The ability to expand and broaden your horizon, to know the possibilities that are out there, beyond your scope of reference is called exposure.
Many times we interpret life from the lens of mediocrity, the lens of our limitations.
Listen carefully, and when God wants to help you he will expose you to new dimensions.

There are many of us for instance who have not been exposed to certain possibilities that is in Christ.
For instance, we have not been exposed to the reality of the healing power of Jesus, the restoring power that is in Jesus, the love of God, like the Bible says, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Bible talks to us about a man called apollos, are we together? The Bible says he was a great man, fervent in spirit, he was eloquent but he knew only the baptism of john.
If you read only apollos’ book for the rest of your life, you would never know that the Holy Spirit
is a person who you can relate to, and you can relate with.

I am always and ever conscious of the fact that there is more than I can see and i’m now seeing. It is important to know this.
Small businesses
Small ministries
small families
small destinies
small goals
I’m not talking of some carnal ambitious things that don’t have a divine bearing, no! Not at all!
Exposure is a miracle. When God wants to step you to the place of destiny, he does not travel with your body, he
travels with your mind.

Your body only goes where your mind has gone. When your mind returns back, it is your mind that is the authorized usher that takes your body to the place of destiny…

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