Pastor E.A Adeboye and Dr. paul enenche

This is why we don’t pray because we feel like.
We think ministry is preaching. The labour of preaching and teaching is less than 10%.

I heard the testimony of Dr. Paul Enenche;
Daddy E.A Adeboye called him to preach for him and he was to talk for 25 minutes and he prayed in tongues for 45 Hours.
We want to talk because we think it’s english language. Who told you, you can speak english language to a fornicator and the fornicator will stop? Your words must be able to expire the demon that have enslaved her.

Even when that demon is gone, there is a biochemical process, a neurological process and a physiological process that have been set in motion.

There are some endocrine secretion that sometimes she will naturally desire sex even if the demon is gone because she have experienced it.
The same way when it’s 12 o’clock you become hungry because there are some secretions going on, your body wakes up to food. She has been awoken to another appetite.

There must be power that is able to alter those secretions in her head.
You think it’s english language that makes that happen? No

We have really been deceived,They told us to buy new suit and learn queens English like apostle Gideon Odoma, that it will Attract men to our gathering they never told us that Christianity is beyond that
They told us to always cry like papa Uma ukpai while in the gathering of brethren and our words will carry authority, they never told us its beyond that.

They told us if we can curl our hair like daddy Chris and walk like Apostle Arome Osayi we will get power, they never told us it beyond that,
They told us if only we can get native dress and know how to speak with command like apostle joshua selman we will see the Annoiting,
They told us if we can speak like apostle Arome osayi And always kneel down like papa E. A Adeboye we will command result in our generation they never told us it goes beyond that.

They never told us that pastor Chris paid a sacrifice of consistent prayer life and fasting that in his university days, he was seen countless time in bushes and corners praying Kai,
They never told us that papa Arome osayi was a praying machine, who consistently prayed until those he started praying with gased out and stop coming but he chose coming until he touched something in God, he eats the word of God like suya Kai Kai, at a point Jesus had to appear to him.

They never told us papa Uma Ukpai prays from morning to evening in an uncompleted building for months seeking the face of the immortal one, those who brings him food will come back in the evening and still meet the morning and afternoon food untouched and will have to go back with the evening food Kai kaiiiiii.

They never told us that many Generals have consistently locked themselves in the room for months, barely seeing the light of the day, listening to messages, praying and fasting and reading the Bible.

They have not revealed to us that apostle joshua selman prays until prayer eats him up, he fasted until fasting knows him ahhhhhhHHHHH
They never told us that this journey demands SACRIFICE.
We have been deceived but Thank God our eyes have open.

To anyone reading this, If you must carry God for your generation, then you must learn the path of sacrifice,
God loves everyone, but he only shows himself to those who understand how to sacrifice all just to host him,
You are afraid to fast for reasons that sound as a Joke, brother forget it, you don’t know the secret of seeking God.
You don’t want to pray long and you want your voice to be Heard, how? sister forget it.

Those who have their voice heard are those whose voice have been heard first in the gathering of the immortals.
You prefer to read story book than Bible, Infact, the Bible now is an antitode against lack of sleep for you , that is, if you are not feeling like sleeping, you pick the Bible to help you sleep quick Kai kaiaaaaa.
The devil is a bastard Oooo God touch that brother and sister heart whom you have been telling to give all to you, to take decisions right now to harken unto you.

Incase God has been placing it in your heart to fast please do, he wants to furnish you for your generation,
If for by any reason God wakes you up to pray or given you time to always seek his face please start working toward that, he want your voice to be heard.
Make decisions to read your Bible like never before, cause that’s where you will understand his will.

Kai o lord help us seek you, am burden
Can we pray.


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