Let me reiterate what I said, and also my stand:
“The Bible is NOT JUST the Word of God.”
Hope you’re aware that even the word “Bible” is not even contained in the entirety of what we call “Bible”? (I kid you not; search for yourself)
What we have is called “Scripture”. (2 Tim. 3:16 – the Greek word here for “scripture” is the word “graphe” meaning “a document or holy Writ”).
What is Scripture? I define Scripture as a compendium of sacred writings vetted, ratified and sealed by a supreme deity (Jehovah; the Elohim) as a documented witness or testament of his supremacy (Read Psa. 12:6)
The word “Bible” was coined from a Greek word which when romanized and translated to English is the word “books”.

The books included in the Bible were done by a sacred body referred to as the “canons” or “canonical”.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m an ardent reader of the Bible; in fact it is my foremost book of priority.
What then is the Word?
The Word is not “paper & ink”.
The Word is a Person. (Read John 1:1-14)
That Person is Jesus Christ.
Infact, Rev. 19:13 makes it more interesting; it tells us that the name of Christ is “The Word of God.”

Why we remain in symphony that the Bible is the word of God is because the Voice of God is expressed in the word of God (which in this case, I’m alluding to Scriptures). The Bible tells us that the voice of God is upon the waters (Psa. 29:3), and we know that the waters are symbolic of the word (Scriptures) as contained in Eph. 5:26.
I suggest we search Scriptures for ourselves as Jesus, our master, admonished us in John 5:39.

The thing is alot of people just read the Bible at face level and we’re satiated with the chaff that we’re fed with. Why don’t we adopt the noble model of the Berea christians in Acts 17:11 who when “they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures DAILY, whether those things were so.”
The Lord bless you richly, and break the bread that your eyes might be opened to spiritual realities.

  • Apostle Nebai C. Ogbonna

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