Story: Never Stranded – Part 8

Story: Never Stranded - Part 8
Story: Never Stranded – Part 8

You came here just to enjoy yourself for the last time before going home to commit suicide since the past few months haven’t been your best. Then you heard a voice in your spirit telling you not to go ahead with the decision to commit suicide but then you thought to obey the voice on the condition that you walked up to us, asked to sit with us and we said “Yes” which you thought was an impossible answer from us to you considering the circumstance. Evelyn revealed as she heard from the Holy Spirit.

Festus bursts into uncontrollable tears, with his face in his palm and his shoulders shaking vigorously as a result.
The ladies watch him quietly.
So he cares…

Yes, He does. Evelyn added, watching the young man shed tears, she knew he was feeling overwhelmed by God’s Love.

He cares for my life, He didn’t want me to die. I thought no one cared.
God does care about you. Can I pray with you?
Evelyn prayed with him and got his contact so she could check up on him from time to time.
Wow! Roselyn exclaimed after the young man had left.
Discernment really is key! She sighs. Just imagine, a man would have committed suicide because I wasn’t discerning enough and was too focused on my own problems, wow! She thought to herself staring into space.

That reminds me, Roselyn is jolted back to reality by Evelyn’s voice.
What did you say was bothering you…? Evelyn continued.
Umm, I… Could we talk about this once we are at your place?
Oh sure.

At Evelyn’s place…
After they had settled down.

So what did you say you wanted to tell me? Evelyn broke the silence. She was curious to know what could have been eating her sister up so much that she had to call her that early before day break.

… I’m Pregnant. Roselyn spilled. She decided not to beat about the bush.

Evelyn wasn’t sure what she just heard Rosie say.
I don’t understand, she giggles, you are pregnant?

Roselyn nods in the Affirmative.
Evelyn giggles again. Oh wait, you mean, mysteries that God will birth through you?

No! Not Spiritual Conception. I mean biologically… You know, pregnancy in the literal sense of the word.
She understood why Evelyn thought she meant Spiritual conception. Evelyn knew she was the Pastor’s daughter and how she had always been passionate about allowing God birth His realities to earth through His children who choose to stay yielding to Him. Evelyn knew and shared Roselyn’s Love and Commitment to God.

Wow! Evelyn is shocked. What happened? She asks almost in a whisper.
I don’t know how it happened. I was at Gbemileke’s house, I mean there was no penetration… We stopped before there was…. I d- I don’t just know.
Evelyn’s eyebrows are crumpled. Wow!

Evelyn please say something other than Wow, please… I’m confused, what do I do? It was just once no penetration….
Evelyn watched her Pastor’s daughter rant on, she couldn’t seem to wrap her head around what Roselyn had just said.
She rubs Roselyn’s arms with her hands. Alright, deep breaths. Roselyn seems to calm. Tell me everything, okay. I promise not to judge you.

I know you won’t, why do you think I came to you? Roselyn said starring at nothing in particular.

Good. Now what happened? Evelyn asks calmly still rubbing Roselyn’s shoulders.

Well, I went to his house…
You mean, Your Fiance Bro Gbemileke’s house? Evelyn asks to clarify.

Yes. Not alone of course. I went with Sister Lizzy, that was few weeks ago. We had just finished with the personal Evangelism we agreed to do, five of us in Church had decided to do evangelize together that day, but two others couldn’t make it, so only myself, sister Lizzy and my fiance ended up going for the evangelism.

After the Evangelism on her way back, Leke suggested we could come to his place to eat and relax since his place was close by, and that he had soup and stew at home that he would just prepare swallow for us, Any swallow we wanted.

She blushed. You know how hospitable he can be. Roselyn added.

Evelyn nods in the Affirmative with a smile. Yes, I do.

So we went to his house, Roselyn continued but we hadn’t been there for five minutes when Sister Lizzy received a phone call that her twin brother had returned from Canada, she was so excited and left hurriedly for home to see him. So she left before the swallow, Amala by the way, was ready.

So it ended up being just me and Leke alone that evening at his house and we ate and started gusting, hoping to leave around 6:00pm since the Evangelism had been by 4.
It was while we were gisting that it started. We weren’t watching a movie at all by the way, so it wasn’t a romantic movie that led to us kissing… It just happened and we found ourselves kissing. Before we knew it, our hands started traveling and exploring each other’s bodies. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself, it just felt so good. I hadn’t felt that way before since it was our first time kissing. The kiss must have gone on for about ten minutes, but we probably thought in our heads that it was just a kiss and no harm could come from it.

But then our hands started going places and… Roselyn is lost in thought trying to figure something out.
But then we stopped. I remember being on his lap when we were stopped.
We had been startled by the noise coming from his neighbor’s blaring horn, because he needed the gateman to open the gate so he could drive into the compound.

I don’t understand, our Genitals didn’t even touch or weren’t bare or exposed at any point in time. We had our clothes on. His Zip wasn’t undone, my thighs weren’t wrapped around his waist, they were closed right beside him. Only my buttocks was on his lap. There’s no way his semen could have gotten under my skirt, his hands didn’t either and even if it did, semen isn’t produced from a man’s hands right? So how is it possible?
And he is the only man I ever kissed.

Well, Evelyn cut in. Semen Can stay in a cloth for 3 days before it dies, therefore having the potential to fertilize a woman’s egg if it comes in contact with any within those three days.
So, you both were probably wet was why it could happen.

Hmmm-hmm. Evelyn nods in the affirmative. Due to secretion from your Genitals due to the heavy petting you had that day, kissing, touching etc.
Oh. A light came on in Roselyn’s mind. But still…

Evelyn, as if reading Roselyn’s thoughts. Yes, he secreted semen that soaked both your clothes, and somehow found its way to your vagina.

But he was wearing jeans, jeans is really thick clothing. Roselyn seemed puzzled.

True, but still soaks in liquid. Evelyn responded.

I have a sealed hymen, how is it possible for semen to pass through?
Well, your period blood passes out through an almost invisible hole at the top of the hymen too, so…?

Oh my God, i’m finished! Roselyn exclaims.

Have you told him? Bro Leke…

You are the only person asides God that I have told.

To be continued……

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