“Good day. I need your advice. I’m 22years old. Things have been rough for me since this year. Feeding and catering for myself has been a challenge. I worked for almost 6months with no salary or allocation. My mom hasn’t been paid for the past 5months. My mom went through a surgery because she had an eye issues. Many troubles, that I won’t want to enumerate.

Someone got a job for me with a salary of #50,000 and he said the only condition is for me to sleep with him. I begged him to freely give out the job all to no avail. He fixed a day during this new week so we can meet.
I don’t want to do anything but the suffering my family is going through is too much. No food, no proper care etc. I’m confused. Please help me with your advice.”

You have a choice, either to stand for Jesus, let go of the job and pray for something bigger and better, or you compromise your faith with a man who probably has AIDS/STDS, use your intercourse for ritual or something worse and ruin both your destiny and glorious future. Whatever that man promises, God can give you times 10 if you will wait on Him and have faith. Don’t let the devil destroy your future by giving you temporal “breakthrough”. God has something bigger. Do not compromise your faith and morals. God bless you.”

Bottom line, don’t sell your dignity for sex. Don’t sell your glory, don’t sell your future. No sex is casual, no sex is free. You will pay for it. Only God can help you! The best of man can disappoint! When you look up to him, he will raise helpers. I have seen His help countless times. You will too if you trust Him. I love you dearly. Be blessed!

Lots Of People Are In This Situation, Pls Share And Be Of Help To Someone.

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