“Ways To Ensure Prophecies Come To Fulfillment” – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman

Don’t just go to powerful meetings and fall down and stand up.Its way more than that.
Brother/sister – The next time a mantle is unleashed upon your life, don’t just go back home and be happily announcing it to your neighbors. No man is made that way,even if Prophecies have gone over you that you are the one this generation is waiting for and you get excited and go back home and begin to sleep waiting for magic to happen or God to catapult you into the reality of the vision then you’ll wait forever.

Every great man out there has a “behind the veil” before you can emerge you must have been cooked and done.

Prepare – Having discovered that area in which you have been impacted, research about the greatest person that ever lived and is still living that has what you have just been impacted with and has succeeded in it, Follow that person,read every material,listen to every tape,Know the ups and downs and the secret behind their manifestation and limitations.

Pray – Pray like never before.Impartations are seeds the devil would come for it,especially if you have any addiction or secret sins.That’s where the devil usually stings from and rob believers of God’s vision for their lives.

Read the word – Bible should be the best companion you’ll ever have.Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. That word is life.The greatest weapon there is when the storm of life hits hard and guarantees your victory while pushing forward is the word.

Build Character – Bishop Oyedepo wrote that he cannot allow a man that has questionable character to preach on his pulpit no matter how anointed he is. Kill every habit that would drain you out when you get to the top that’s why people don’t last.Right before you open your mouth let your character speak volumes.

My prayer for you is that.You’ll be all what God says you’ll be,even though you don’t look like it

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