Papa and mama adeboye

Marriage is a life time institution no graduation please marry for love not for material possession because all that are secondary the primary is love.
Pastor Enoch adeboye said among all the suitors who came for his wife hand in marriage he was just a student and he was the poorest among all.

He said I told my wife I don’t have anything now and she knew I don’t have anything but I told her if you marry me anything I have tomorrow will be yours and today here I am.
A owner of jet, sophisticated Jeeps and lots more.
Prophet Jeremiah omotofufeyin said i was a school drop out I left school at J.s.s3 because my father died no money to continue education I suffered.
I saw my wife and I loved her but she was giving me hard time I had to lie to my wife that i had a television at home before she agreed to marry me
I was so broke to the point I wanted my first child aborted I even tried committing suicide because of 7,000 I was owning
I told a bike man to take me to a forest that I want to die and he took me to this place called mercy city then it was a forest
in this forest after taking 30 something pills I slept for 3days I woke up with foams in my mouth I was angry I was not dead yet.

Today I am an owner of two private jets,any latest Jeeps in the country that I love they bring it to me
I am guilded by 35 securities in mercy city for my safety.

Bishop David oyedepo said if my wife was looking for a wealthy man to marry she wouldn’t have married me but growing up together made a strong family
You only know what it is now, you don’t know what it is tomorrow.
Bishop oyedepo took his wife faith to a lady who rejected him in time past because he was broke and when they got there bishop introduce his wife to the lady and when they were about leaving faith oyedepo told the woman thank you for not marrying my husband because if you did, I don’t know where I would Have been by now.

As faith and David oyedepo were about leaving the lady’s house the woman Burst into tears of regret.
Dear slay queens you only know what it is now but you don’t know what it will be tomorrow.
(David oyedepo quote)

Apostle Johnson Suleman said his wife’s parents never agreed for him to marry his wife infact he went with an expired and old looking cloths.
The parents said if this is how your God is I won’t give you my daughter to marry.
He said I gave my wife a ring in few hours time the ring changed colour
My wife will come to agbor,delta state to visit me I won’t see transport to give her to go back.
But today ask her she is Chopping life.

Pastor Paul eneche said one thing that pained him in his life was that his wife father never agreed for him to marry Becky because of his present condition but the father failed to understand that pastor Paul was carrying a vision bigger than his condition
Today he is the pastor of the largest cathedral in the world.
Listen to me all singles out there marry for love.
Stop marrying because of poverty, stop marrying because your mates are marrying.
building a future together is what makes a strong home and family.

We are in a generation where ladies reject men with vision and chase men with television
Not knowing those people with television will watch those men with Vision on their television one-day
Can I shock you marrying a great man is a calling.

Sister if you don’t want to suffer or pass through a process you ain’t qualified to marry a great man.
It is a call and only those available to answer the call are opportuned.
Great people at the beginning are not always attractive but give it time
Gold is never attractive at the first stage but after passing through process of the blacksmith it becomes so attractive that’s how great men are.

Great men are always in disguise please marry for love because if you marry for love that marriage will last and endure
All the pastor who married been broke
Are all private jet owners today please marry for love
But brothers please before you propose to a sister even if there is no money
Please hope you have a global Vision????
Marry for love.


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