Apostle Arome Osayi

“You like what your eyes show you but what your spirit will show is different from what your eyes show you.”
I was on my knees praying and God said, that was 20th October 2002: He said, “I have prepared your wife and you will not miss her.” That was all.
Immediately that Word was released, I went to preach and when I went to preach (details withheld), I beheld a damsel: she was fair to look upon. The right height, the right eye ball, the right finger nails, the symmetry, alignment…I know under such circumstances, you can hear, “kill and eat” easily.

When I beheld the damsel, I said, “so this is what He (God) was saying.” He said, He will lead me to a damsel and I beheld a damsel. I didn’t know that statement meant that, “I have PREPARED your wife, you will not miss her.” God was showing me His commitment, to ensure I will not marry a wrong woman. I didn’t know that was the meaning. I thought, it was as you go now, you will see her.
When I finished preaching, people were coming for counselling, guess who came first? It was that lady. She said, she heard that demons used to torment her.

I said: That’s what we do. That is our area of specialisation. We do demons too.
I wanted to drop a proposal, instantly I lost my peace. So there was no point proposing. In fact, after I lost my peace, I disengaged. That is how loyal I am to God. I will make mistakes if I don’t know, but the moment I know…I don’t think before I obey.
I left, travelled out of that city and went back to my base. I took a fast and prayed, “God, I saw a lady I like. What is the problem?” He didn’t answer for 3 months. So I stopped the prayers and fasting.

I said: well, You are stronger than me, I can’t force You to talk. Okay, where did we stop, let’s continue. Forget that episode.
3 months later, when I was now praying, God came. You know what He said, “But I told you that I have prepared your wife.” From God’s perspective, the functional Word was ‘prepared’.
After He said that, I didn’t understand what that meant until that same week, someone told me about that lady. That when she gets angry, it takes 3 days for her anger to wane.

That one is an idol. So when that anger comes, what they do is that they lock her in a room. If you want to give her food, you open the door, throw the food. After 3 days, when you open the door, you will meet a human being.
Some of you have been to my house before. If I had married that lady, you would not have been able to come.
That was when I discovered that God said, the functional Word was ‘Prepared’, because the one I met was not prepared.

You like what your eyes show you but what your spirit will show is different from what your eyes show you.
Man’s perspective of beauty is different from God’s and when God showed me the lady (my wife), I said, “No, this one is not tall enough.” There is a height problem here, there is a challenge. I can tell you 12 years later, what God saw, I am seeing now after 12 years. You cannot be so wise that you don’t need a vision.

How many women can survive a man that every other day he is on the field preaching, working, not at home? Meanwhile the average lady wants her and her husband to be naked, in a South African beach, running with candle.
You are passionate for God, your wife must be more crazy than you are, to survive you.
When I talk at home, my wife doesn’t talk back. This is 12 years, so I can tell you…instead she will cry. There is peace in my home, I know I will live long.

Meanwhile what you are looking for before you get into a relationship is the alignment of the waist. Let me give you an idea, after the second child, that alignment will be ruptured. You need this alignment (touches his head). Your decision making processes are supposed to be influenced by these senses:

What you choose?
What you do?
How you do what you do?

When you operate that way, the Bible calls you a defenced city. Anyone who arises to fight a man whose spiritual senses are active, he has signed up for his death.

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