Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Hallelujah, lets lift up our voices in the spirit and just soak into the atmosphere
Holy, holy, holy are You Lord
Holy, holy, holy are You Lord
The Elders and Angels bow
The redeemed worship You now
Holy, holy, holy are You Lord…
For You are glorious
And you’re worthy to be praised
You’re the lamb upon the throne
And unto You
To You we lift our hands in praise
You’re the lamb upon the throne…

His presence is mighty in this place, without his presence there is no service. In one minute and with one encounter God can turn your life around.
The secret to speed is to wait; we must learn to value the presence of God in our midst. His presence is everything.
This is Resurrection Sunday. He truly is alive. His being alive is more than an Easter ceremony. Recognizing and celebrating the day is not where power is but understanding the revelation behind it. The currency to buy you is Jesus; You know the worth of a thing by the amount that was used to buy it. The father used Jesus to purchase you. Don’t allow sickness or anything of inferior value to buy you back.The only thing that can buy you back is what is greater than Jesus. If you can’t find anything more precious than his blood, then it is worth buying you back.

The Bible says that among the many things Satan could not stand, was the resurrection and not just the cross. Many times when we teach about redemption it seems like where we stop at is the cross. And whilst the cross is a very important component of redemption, it does not stop at the cross. If Jesus stopped at the cross that would be fatal for us. There’s nothing new about dying for people. Founders have died for people, parents have died for your children, but the nature of the death of Jesus required resurrection to truly prove the Father’s love.

When Jesus resurrected from the dead, it was such a threat to the gates of hell that they came together and took counsel and said “we will give you money”.
Money was introduced. Money has always played a role to fight the resurrection. They took money and said “ this is what will happen- we will use our influence and secure you. Just say the disciples came and stole him”.
We may not do anything about the fact that he walked up on the end and healed the sick, we may not do anything about the fact that there was a real cross at Golgotha. There were already prophecies that if he rose from the dead, it would be the basis for our justification. The topic of redemption started at the Lord’s supper. Jesus had 12 disciples and 12 was the prophetic number of government and so that was the whole world in covenant, coming into one. If Jesus was to die for that whole world there has to be a way to transfer the whole sin into him and that was the mystery of the Last Supper. Jesus was not the seed of a mortal man. If he died and never resurrected his body would still be fresh on the ground.
Gen 3:13

The Fall of Man resulted in the loss of 3 Key possessions:

1). The Holy Spirit.
When man fell, he lost the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not the carrier of God; He is the life of God.

2). Righteousness.
When man fell, he lost righteousness. He lost the nature of God at work in Him.
The Fall of Man resulted in the loss of holiness and love for the father.

3). Dominion.
When man fell, he lost sovereign control. He lost dominion by transferring responsibility. Responsibility and authority go together.
Adam transferred his God given authority by transferring responsibility to Eve and then Eve transferred the authority and responsibility to Satan by blaming him. Satan kept quiet and didn’t blame anybody, that was how he became the god of this world. When Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate, he kept quiet.

His silence was not weakness but to reclaim back that dominion. Learn his lesson; whenever you transfer responsibility, you also transfer dominion. Dominion comes with responsibility. When you know your dominion in Christ also know your responsibility.
Adam had a throne in the spirit and then when he fell, God could not find him on the throne again, therefore he asked “Adam where are you?” This is a lesson for us to learn that when God calls you and anoints you, you have a throne in the spirit signifying your rank and authority. It is recognized by God and by devil. Satan never understood reproduction, when he saw Eve pregnant for the first time, he attacked Cain which was the seed. In the scriptures, Satan was always looking for the seed of a woman to attack. He came for Moses and the other male children died because of him. Immediately God entered into a covenant with Abraham, Satan knew that seed was going to be from Israel. Satan does not attack men for nothing; he attacks the word of prophecy that’s able to empower men and make prophecy come to a reality.

The spirit of the Antichrist entered into the Pharisees and kept asking John the Baptist “are you the one to come?.” Every suffering Jesus went through on the way to the cross and at the cross was in exchange for the restoration of the dominion man lost. Jesus was weak and fell from carrying the cross, but Simon of Cyrene came to help him and the Bible identified Simon as the black man.

This is why the continent of Africa will be the one to stand and practice true Apostolic and prophetic christianity. If Jesus died on the floor, and not on the cross that would’ve been a waste, because he had to be hung on a tree to become a curse for us. Every suffering Jesus went through on the way to the cross and at the cross was in exchange for the restoration of the dominion man lost.

There was jubilation in hell for the death of Jesus but that celebration was short-lived. Jesus didn’t go to hell with the power of the Holy Spirit, he went as a man.
Colossians 2:14-16. Without justice, there will be no peace. Jesus was first humiliated by the demons in Hades but then Jesus made a public show of them in hell and took the keys from Satan. Revelation 1:18.
Jesus then went to preach to all who were in hell. The resurrection was the basis for the coronation of Jesus; the coronation is the basis for the Lordship of Christ.

Jesus took his ageless blood and sprinkled it on the tabernacle there by finishing his priestly ministry. Philippians 2:5,9-10.
Psalm 24:1
Nothing finds its meaning outside of contributing to God’s Kingdom. What gives value to one’s riches, wisdom or strength is their contribution to the Global Harvest. Jesus coming is tied to our seriousness over the global harvest.

I declare that I am a child of God and everything that is not with the Christ must let me go now in Jesus name.
Everything you know was nailed to the cross that was a concern to your life, its time for it to go.


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