“Sexual Sin Pays No One”

Sexual sin

In 2017, I encountered a Man who all he was after was my body and thighs. Though he never stated his intention, but his actions did the speaking.
As much as possible, I turned down every move he made. He wasn’t bold enough to state his intention, but his body language and attitude were expressive enough.
Fast forward to 2018, I got enrolled in a Fashion Institute, where I met a very wonderful Woman as my course mate.

The program lasted for seven months or there about; she loved me so much and became fond of me. We became teammates, and did so many projects together, while in the Fashion School.
Few months after we graduated, I met this Woman at a particular event, where she introduced that same Man, who was lusting after me as her husband. He couldn’t bear the shame, he had his head bowed all through that conversation.

After we parted ways, I began to ponder. What if I had agreed to have an affair with that Man, how would I faced this Woman? Each time I see the Woman or the Man, my experience with him will come playing in my head.

That Man “chyked” me for months. Funny how I never knew he was married. If I had agreed to do nonsense with him, with the excuse that “I couldn’t tame my urge”, how would I have been able to bear the shame? Me, having a sexual affair with the husband of my course mate, after all this “Jesus thing” I’ve been shouting all over the place? What a shame!

Hear me Dear Single Ladies, sexual sins pay no one. It has the tendency to hunt you for life.
Your inability to tame your sexual urge as a Guy or a Lady will make you a slave to many things.

If I had slept with that Man, owing to a careless lifestyle, do you think that Woman will ever forgive me in life?, not minding the fact that it was her husband who was coming after me, not me hunting him.

Understand this please, what you do to others have this unexplainable way of telling on you.

Do not think you will ruin another Woman’s home, yet have a blissful marriage. Your wicked act as a single Lady will find expression in your marriage.

If you are currently sleeping with married Men as a Lady just to fatten your purse, get set; someone will come after your husband in marriage.
The excuse that, “the times are hard” is not a reason enough to flirt with Men as a Lady.
Sexual sin is one thing that can hunt a soul from the bed of sex to his/her death bed.

True Love is known with time. Many Ladies fall victim of “Love and Sexual scams” because they are too quick to pull their pants.

Fifteen minutes of sexual pleasure has brought many into fifteen years of pain.
The fact you are good on bed does not mean you can get every Man committed to you for life.
Sexual sins pay no one. If you must have sex, get a Partner, legally bind your relationship- marriage; and remain faithful to him/her. But the biggest truth is this, marriage does not cure sexual sins. It is not even an escape route from fornication.

A Fornicator will become an Adulterer/Adulteress in marriage if Jesus does not step in.

Clarence Arute

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