Teenage pregnancy

Last week we had a teaching on how to handle teenage pregnancy in my church and questions came popping like ” is it okay if I sleep over at my boyfriend’s place”
“We would get married eventually so we can still have sex”
“My fiance wants a baby before we get married” etc
Dear ladies I am more particular about you in this post, yes sex may be enjoyed by both parties(except in the case of rape) but the outcome is more on one gender.

I have heard and seen situations where both parties enjoyed the sex but when pregnancy comes you would realise you are alone in it and get to hear statements like
“I told you I am not ready to be a father”
“I love you but we can’t handle being a parent yet”

“Get rid of the thing in your stomach”
It is so annoying that after some ladies abort the child they would still open their eyes and carry their legs and go back to the guy’s house and have sex with him again and keep aborting for what they call enjoyment.
Maturity is not shown when you can freely have sex but when you know you can have sex but you chose to have self control.

Ladies you are the one to carry the pregnancy, in some cases you are the one who would have the body changes, you are the one that would bear the shame more
You are the one that would drop out of school
You are the one who would feel it more which is why it very important to close your legs
Over the weeks I have been pained hearing some ladies come to my DM that they are pregnant and despite the encouragement they still go and abort. The child did not do anything wrong you brought him/her into the world and indulging in sex

Between January and February 2021 WHO has recorded over 5 million abortions world wide. It is sad
In all thy enjoyment in quote stop destroying your life and killing innocent souls. If you know you are not ready for parenting please abstain, it is becoming too bad

I pray this ministers to someone

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