Papa Uma Ukpai: The Job Of Our Time

Papa Uma Ukpai
Papa Uma Ukpai

Papa Uma Ukpai is one of the few persons invited to pray for American President, Ronald Reagan, in 1986.
I learnt he was at Full Life on Sunday to celebrate with Rev. Ntia I. Ntia, who survived a terrible accident a few days to his 49th birthday.

Having lost two children in one day to a fatal road accident, Papa Uma, I would say, understands what it means to be involved in a deadly car crash.
He even had to deal with a robbery incident the same day where all his office equipment was stolen, same day!

About the loss of his two children, Papa Uma was on his way to a crusade in Ohafia when their car mysteriously plunged into a nearby river.
He suceeded to rescue the children but they later died. He kept their bodies in the car and tried to pray for them but an oncoming vehicle drove straight into their car completely smashing it into shreds!
Just then, somebody ran to him to inform him that his 50-sitter bus conveying his band had caught fire and the number of deaths couldn’t be ascertained.

Too much for one man in one day, right? Till today, Papa Uma is still standing tall and strong!
When you look at the photos in this post, you’ll realize why Papa Uma is crying and why he is broken.
He knows what God had saved Rev. Ntia Ntia from, and what people would have said if Rev. Ntia Ntia or anyone had died in that fatal accident.

To you, my dear reader, cast your mind back to the situations God had saved you from. Today your enemies would be rejoicing over your demise but mercy said no as God rose to your defense.
I can imagine what’s right there on Papa Uma’s mind.
This God is too good!

Please Share as much as you can to bless someone today.

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