A great man of God, said something that shook me, he said “MAY YOU NOT LEAVE ETERNITY AS A TIME BOMB AND END UP SOUNDING LIKE A KNOCK OUT ON EARTH”
Sir, Ma, you might not understand but let me explain…

May you not leave heaven as an Apostle sent to earth to break chains of darkness from territories, and end up as a fornicator breaking the virginity of ladies in your territory. Ahh
Ma, may you not leave heaven as an evangelist sent to Earth to wreck havoc on sin, and win lives for Jesus, and you end on Earth as a runs girl uploading twerking videos and winning men to your bed. Ahh No.

Sir, Ma, may you not reach heaven bragging about how you spoke in your church and people fell under the anointing, and then you realize you were sent to speak in nations and make people rise and conquer mountains of influence, but because of pride and satisfaction you refused to press for the fullness of all you were called to do. Ahhh

When a time bomb explodes, you know by the impact and noise it makes, but when a knock out sound, you can hardly even hear or know its impact.
Ahh, you were created to be a voice and not a whisper

Ahhh Ma, you were not created to just be a house wife that will give birth to children, you were created to be a power house that will give birth to realities of God
Sir, you are not just here to be a gate man, you are here to be a watchman in Zion
Aiii, no it will be a very big error for you to leave eternity as a time bomb and sound like a knock out on Earth

Have you accepted Jesus,
If you want to accept Jesus, send us a message at LFS or say this prayer.
Dear Jesus, i believe you died for my sins, i believe you resurrected to give me eternal life, forgive my sins, today i accept you as my Lord and Personal Saviour.

Help me to live for you and you alone in Jesus name amen.

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