Dear Christian Lady !

Dear Christian Lady

Dear Christian Lady,
Let’s talk about PURPOSE! I know we talk so much about purity and waiting for God’s will in marriage but I will not forget to tell you about purpose.
I hear people saying you cannot achieve so much because you are lady, trying to put fear in your heart to shift you from PURPOSE to doing what you think you are capable of! Wait, who told you, you cannot break grounds?

You may want to be a music minister because every other sister in your church is into music ministry while God is calling you into becoming a Missionary that will travel to the ends of the world preaching the gospel.
You may refuse to become a missionary because you feel you cannot achieve something that big so you remain a music minister. You may have a good voice and release a thousand albums but if you didn’t work according to God’s will then you did not live a purposeful life.

It may be something as simple as an usher in your church and you will think of standing in the church every Sunday, then you join the drama unit where you were not called into! It is not about where Sister Jumoke is but where God called you to serve.

Now, you ask “How do I find purpose?” Before you begin to ponder on purpose be sure you have Jesus. Every man has what they want to become in life, we all have big dreams but what makes you live a fulfilled life is when you first find your identity in Christ and begin to work in His will for you.

Now you have Christ, then you can ask Him for what He wants you to do, what He wants to do with you and how useful you can be to Him. Then, as you walk step by step with Him, He tells you where to be, what to do and when to do His will at every point of your life.

You may not see all He wants you to be as you begin to walk with Him, but gradually as you follow Him, it will be revealed to you as you obey and follow His lead. Sometimes you may want to quit, you may be tired of the “no results” but keep following.
Before you bother about marriage and relationship as a Single Sister please pray to find purpose! It is most likely that we meet our spouse in our place of purpose where we are just working and trying to find what God wants us to do.

Acquire a degree, be a doctor, be a banker, be an entrepreneur but let PURPOSE be a reason to do all you do. While you make money and work, don’t forget to walk in purpose because that is what counts for a fulfilled life, not riches nor certificates.

Start now to ask God what He wants you to be! A doctor? An entrepreneur? A politician? Remember we have been called to shine our light in the world. There is a place of purpose made for us as we take charge in the society we influence men with the light of Jesus!
Purpose is not all about being in the pulpit but as believers our number one mandate is spreading God’s word, so where ever you find yourself and what ever position you attain! Be sure your LIGHT as a believer is not hidden

Let me leave you with this, being a woman does not stop you from achieving purpose! I know you will become a mother, work in the kitchen and satisfy your husband in the bedroom but sis, this is not all you were made for!

Work on your visions and follow God’s leading for your life. Don’t drop your expectations sis, you were made for more
I hope you did not forget so soon! You Are A Wonder

Dear Christain Lady,
Don’t just come into the marriage with virginity, come with good character.. Yes! it is an honorable and glorious thing to come with your virginity, but note that it is not your virginity that will sustain your home, but your good character will. Your virginity expires on your wedding day but your good character remains with you.

Don’t just come along with only your love for your husband but along with love for his Family and relatives. Acknowledge the people who have play a role in making the man you see today. By honouring them, you do not only honor them as his parents but you also honour their sacrifices for him.

Don’t just come along with your bags and body make sure you come along with your brains. Working out to maintain a standard body without working out to maintain a standard brain will lead you into a standard problem.
Don’t just come along with soft and painted lips, make sure you come along with supplicating and praying lips. It’s beyond the lip sticks, you would need more for a prevailing marriage. Sister you need lips to travail in order to prevail.

Every lady want to marry a God fearing and good brother, but the question here is that when last did you wake up at night to pray about that brother.
Beloved you are expected to pray always when things are in order and not in order.
Be a war wife.
Be a wife that prays.
Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and the right man shall be added unto you..

I hope this blesses your heart! Meanwhile, it could bless someone out there too, let’s spread this message

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady,Godly Decent

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