Sons Emerging From Zion


Those days when I wanted to be like Micheal Jackson and Wizkid, no one stopped me.
Now that we want to be like Bishop Oyedepo, Apostle Mic Orokpo, Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze , Apostle Joshua Selman, they should leave us alone…
If they could not stop us when the Devil wanted to use us, why should they stop us now that God wants to use us?

If they could not advise us in the days when the Devil was using us, to take it easy with him, why should we owe them our ear now to take it easy with God?
Dear Sister, choose between this fire that is rising in you now for your generation and that dead advise they’re giving you that has not even helped them.

Sincerely, I respect all men but I don’t respect the words of any man that does not have result.
If serving Satan did not work for them, let them allow you to serve God and see.
If serving God did not work for them, let them leave you alone to go and look for fire first, they will know the difference between the God of ‘My bible story’ and the God of the Bible…If not now, later.

Your father may have given birth to you but your father did not create you…
The God that created you said I should tell you to leave people alone and come closer…
Can I tell you that after this season, what would come out of your walk with God will be the rejoicing of that family…
When you find fire!

Devils will scream out of the members of that same family the day you will return and everyone will be free because one man was patient enough to pay a price of deep intimacy.
The days when you wanted to be a street boy in your area, they left you alone to move from one house to another but now that you want to serve God, it’s a tussle.

The days when you went out to party with your friends, it was fine by them but now that you decided to start going for choir rehearsal at the same time you used to hang out with your boyfriend before, it’s now a tussle.
Listen friend, let this battle be clear that it’s between light and darkness…
The Devil does not want that family to ever be free from him. God is raising you to put a stop to nonsense, don’t let it!
A generation is placing a demand on this fire that God is grooming in you and Satan has strategized with men to stop a move of God tomorrow.

You see, this is not what you will tell your generation oh!
Would you tell them? That you calmed down by whose advice?
Or when that generation sees you cold, would they still recognize you?
Let every man be a liar today!
Let only God be true!
Leave people who didn’t create you alone and go and obey the voice of the one that made you!
It’s time to lock up the door and look for the God of your destiny…

You may go in as a fool but when you come out, you will be the rejoicing of many generations.
Please look for anyone that will call you a fool before you go, it will help you tarry in His presence, perhaps it will help you find the God of your birth this time around.
This is who you were made to be!
Nothing less than this is you!
Go and pray…

You will catch the fire that will be enough to be shared from city to city, nation to nation and your entire generation, in the days to come!
The Lord burden us!

She didn’t just access dimensions, she carried and birthed those dimensions she had accessed in God.
Those dimensions of ecstasy,spontaneous songs of The Lord,visions,prophecy,trance,glory realm, creative miracles,signs and wonders, accompanied her wherever she went.
And after she left a place, those dimensions would continue to invade people’s homes and public places.
She didn’t only access and carry dimensions, she also birthed those dimensions.

He not only accessed a dimension of holy reverence and awe of God,he carried that dimension with him wherever he went.
It was normal for hardened people and atheists to be gripped with the fear of God whenever Charles Finney visited a place.

Pimps and prostitutes would suddenly break down and become sober, and they would be looking for anyone who could tell them about God.
Even without preaching,his presence in a place changed the atmosphere as the dimensions he carried settled upon the place.

Father, let sons emerge from Zion,who know how to access,carry,steward and birth dimensions.

Declare with me: I was made to burn! I was born to be on fire!
Let us pray now!

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