Glory dome

Nigerian Government to spend $1.5 billion to upgrade Port Harcourt refinery.

Winners’ Chapel to spend $500 million to build 10,000 rural churches and the 106,000 capacity Ark Auditorium.

From my salary, I pay about 15% as tax to the government monthly.
When I make certain purchases, stay over in hotels, make flight bookings, shop for groceries, I still pay taxes – consumption tax, VAT, state tax…
Most Nigerians I know pay tax.
And we don’t even have a say on most of these taxes – they are either deducted from source or they are simply not optional.

Yet, I can’t say my life has improved significantly in comparison to my tax deductions and that of million others.
Light – we still don’t get 24 hour power supply.
Highways – the roads are a nightmare.
Security – still not guaranteed.
Public Healthcare – mostly inefficient.
Public Education – mostly poor.
But I pay tithe…voluntarily.
A minimum of 10% of my income.
I pay offering…voluntarily.

Nobody forced me to pay these.
I give to Kingdom projects.
My church decides to build an edifice that I am proud of…fully complete with AC, waste disposal system, public toilets and other things my government can’t even seem to get right (even at airports – our gateway to the nation!)

My church builds a worship center where I am free from distractions and I can communicate freely with God.
I don’t pay for anointing services that expand my territory; for communion services that perfect my healing and activate my consciousness for eternal life; for worship programmes that take me to the ThroneRoom of the Master; or for prayer sessions that unlock the mysteries of life and the Kingdom.

No, I don’t pay for illumination or direction in any area of my life…Jesus is the LIGHT…as taught in my Church from the Bible.
I am not confused about direction or purpose…Jesus is the WAY!
My health is intact and when I have a scare and I need someone to pray with/for me…my Pastor gladly steps up and takes authority…charging nothing…because God wishes above all things that I be in health.

I have enjoyed covenant security at no cost.
Week in, week out, God (through the Church and my Pastors) blesses me…yet my government fails me at every turn!

Dear Activist,
What exactly have you done to hold government accountable for the taxes they receive but can’t fix the basics of standard living?
Yet, you are convinced that you have a moral right to complain about church edifices that members gladly contributed to erect?
Focus, my friend.

The Church is not your problem!

By Hadizat Ibrahim

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