Story: Never Stranded – Part 7

Story: Never Stranded - Part 7

Dennis bursts into laughter. I would really love to see your face right now, the shock written all over it.

Guy! You startled me, why in the world would you say that? Chris wondered?

Well, your “Guess what!” sounded like you had done the unimaginable! Dennis continues laughing…

Guy, be serious. That wasn’t funny. Chris was beginning to wonder what Dennis might have taken in Abuja that was affecting his senses.

Alright. Dennis stops laughing. I apologise, I’m sorry.
So what’s up? What’s happening at home? Dennis asks. What’s the gist?

Wait, you haven’t called Beatrice today? Chris figured.

No, I couldn’t. Just got less busy here so I used the opportunity to call, besides it’s twelve minutes past ten and Beatrice is usually asleep by now.

Oh… But I’m curious, why would you say what you said earlier, about I and your wife… Chris was finding it difficult completing the sentence.

Well, you are always preaching about creating more time for my wife as if she could ever cheat on me in my absence? Besides, even if I was worried about her cheating, I have an M.O.G with her in the house that will monitor her with the word and Prayers, he laughs amused by himself.
Plus, he continued, you are the only man I can confidently leave my woman alone with in the house, you know, since you are an Eunuch and seem to be made of Fire and can’t be successfully seduced by a woman.
I mean, it still amazes me that you and Evelyn never kissed. I salute o!

We have our reasons not to. Chris quickly added.

Oh I know, Jesus freaks! Dennis teases further.

But honestly, your family need you and no one is made of steel, we all have blood running in our veins. Come home soon, so you don’t expose your family to danger.

Oh, I have a powerful intercessor at home with them. Dennis giggles.

Chris sighs, Dennis was indeed someone to take things lightly.
So, what was the gist you were asking me to guess? Dennis seems to suddenly remember Chris had something exciting he had wanted to tell him.

Oh….Yes, you remember what I told you that I came to Port Harcourt,for the Teenagers?

Yes, to set them ablaze for God. Dennis affirmed.

Turns out the school had already caught the fire!

Really? By who? Dennis asked.

One of the girls we had preached to on our first visit to Port Harcourt. Deborah! Chris responded.

Wow, Praise to Jesus! Dennis exclaimed. No teenager will meet you and not Catch the Fire of God. It’s impossible!

I was really happy to know that they were doing great for God already, that’s indeed a Blessing…

Wow! Turns out God had already done the work you came to do. Dennis adds in awe.
Yeah, it’s a relief. Though I have still been invited to mentor them…
Oh that’s good. I’m sure they know already that they have a great mentor in you…

After their conversation on the phone, Chris pondered on many things especially his conversation with Dennis.

Why would Dennis think “we kissed? ” Typical of Dennis to say absurd things. He chuckles trying to brush it off.
Or it could be a heads up! He heard in his spirit…
Could something like that ever happen between me and Dennis’ wife?..
He was thoughtful about it till he dozed off.

Evelyn hears her phone ringing, she stretches her hands to get it on the drawer by her bedside tiredly. She was half asleep, half awake, it was barely 3am in the morning. She checks the screen and saw that it was Rosie calling…

Hey, babe! She moans tiredly
Hello, Evelyn there is fire on the mountain! Is there a way i Can see you now?

What..!? Evelyn yawns lazily on the bed and glances at her phone screen to check the time
Babe it’s barely 3am in the morning.

I know, I couldn’t sleep.
She sure sounded like something was eating her up, Evelyn thought.
Rosie was her Pastor’s daughter and the closest sister to her in Church.

What’s bothering you? Evelyn rubs her sleepy eye, as much as she wanted to go back to sleep knowing she was going to wake up by 6am for her quiet time and after that prepare for work, she also wanted to be there for Rosie who was like a sister to her.

I…we can’t talk on phone, can I see you today? Rosie continued.
When would you be less busy? She sounded desperate.

Uhh…I close From work by 5, you can come to my place and sleep over or what do you think?

Oh that would be fine, thank you so much.

Oh great, but just put your mind at rest. All will be well, okay?

Roselyn sighs. I just knew I had to hear your voice. She sounded teary. So, see you later today then?
I’m sorry I interrupted your sleep…

It’s okay Rosie, we are sisters. So feel free to reach me anytime. Try and rest okay, it is well.

Thanks sis. Bye. She ends the call.

The next day, Roselyn came to meet Evelyn at work around 4 in the evening.
Evelyn was almost done at work then, so she suggested that they ate out to calm Roselyn’s nerves. They were seated at an Eatery having Meatpie and Coke when a young man walked up to them…

Hello Beauties! He smiled showing his nice set of teeth.
Mind if I join you?

Roselyn scoffs, eyeing him from head to toe, she then faces Evelyn.

Just imagine the effontery!

Evelyn smiles. No, we don’t mind actually. Please have a seat.

The guy is shocked! He sits with surprise written all over him.
Are you sure you are okay with me sitting at your table? He looked puzzled.
No, we’re…Roselyn was saying when Evelyn cut in
Of course, we are.
I’m Evelyn and here is my sister, implying Rosie, Roselyn. And you are?

I’m Festus, Festus Adesanya.

Roselyn was already quiet by now wondering what was actually going on, she knew Evelyn had a reason why she was been accommodating to the stranger when she knew obviously that the circumstance didn’t call for such.

Evelyn smiles at the surprise written all over the face of the young man in front of them.

“You were planning to commit suicide if we said No, weren’t you?

What! Festus was shocked. How did you know? I don’t understand, I never told anyone that.

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