To Whom It May Concern…

Marry wisely

Dear Aunty,
When he says,
“If you know what it costs me to convince my mother and my family to accept you, you should be grateful that I am even marrying you.”
Aunty let it be the last time he will open his mouth to say that to you. If you go on with that marriage, be ready to spend the rest of your married life convincing a bunch of people who didn’t want you there in the first place.

No man is doing you a favour by marrying you. Let me repeat it louder, NO MAN IS DOING YOU A FAVOUR BY MARRYING YOU!!!.
You are favour personified. You are an embodiment of favour. The favour you carry is so powerful that it will never drop on him if you don’t permit it to drop. Baby girl know who and whose you are.

If his family is not treating you like the blessing they have been praying and waiting to have then you are not the one they have been prophesying about.
If his family is not overjoyed with your presence in their family and and your presence in the life of their son, then you are planting your fertile seeds on the wrong soil aunty, you will spend the rest of your life trying to prove the worth of your presence in the life of their baby boy.

You are not the FAVOURED oo, you are the FAVOUR!
Don’t you get it? Haa!

The entire human problem began as a result of poor self-esteem. The Devil deceived Eve into believing that she would become what she already was and as she bought into that,she became lesser than what God made her.
And when God finally showed up,the question He asked was “WHO TOLD YOU?”. This is the question for everyone of us today.
Who told you that you are less fortunate?
Who told you that you ain’t beautiful enough?
Who told you that you can’t make it?
Who told you that your colour matters?

God made you very good,but what you choose to believe about yourself is what you will end up becoming. And until you see beyond your circumstances into how your Maker sees you,your relevance on earth remains a day dream.
Dear, stop having an inferiority complex about your looks. You have assets that outweigh any physical deficiencies. Appreciate your beauty. Learn how to love yourself. Believe that No one is as beautiful as you are because you are wonderfully and beautifully made!

If you have small boobs, appreciate it. If you have thin legs, appreciate it. If you have flat buttocks, appreciate it. Appreciate your looks.
Some girls have foolishly lost their lives in the process of enlarging their breasts or buttocks !!! Be Yourself
Stop trying to change yourself. You could still be yourself and be admired, you could still be yourself and be “hot”

It’s not every man that loves big boobs and buttocks. Maybe the man who’ll get attracted to you, will do because of these things you want to change about you. Be proud of your looks!
You can not have everything, but you have a selling point. Work more on your characters than your physical beauty. Be intelligent. Be a blessing! Make a difference anywhere you find yourself.

That doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t take care of yourself. Someone asking you to change this or that, DOES NOT LOVE YOU!!!
Stop measuring and comparing yourself with other ladies. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE!
Can i tell you the truth? There will always be individuals who appear to be handsomer, richer, luckier, or better educated than you are.

Unfortunately, none of them has the privilege of being you. You are Unique. You are special. You have a particular, vital mission in life, one that no one can accomplish except you.
So Be yourself. God will not ask you why you are not like Ruth. He will ask you why you are not yourself.

No matter how beautiful or successful anyone is, you have your place and mission. Who told you that you are good for nothing? No one can make u feel inferior without your consent.
See, if God place a price tag on you even all the richest men in d whole world can not afford you! So stop selling yourself cheap the way And manner you always feel about yourself. U’re priceless!

But What messages are you sending out about yourself? What kinds of things have you come to believe about yourself? Do you want to believe those things? Who you are and how you feel about yourself are tremendously important factors when it comes to long-term happiness.
Most importantly, don’t fall in love with a guy who loves you for nothing but for your breast, hips, ass, laps,shape, etc… Direct him to mr BIGGS or any other fast food centers because you are not a chicken! Lolz
Dear, whenever you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember that God loves you and that you are a treasure in His hand.

Build your self-confidence by doing something great and being a better person. Present yourself rightly. Work on every of your bad habit that makes you unlovable. Be a solution provider and you will become irresistible.

May the Lord bless you
Feel Free To Share…..

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