A drunkard always act on unusual,
displaying abnormalities
Be ye drunk in the Spirit!
We are drunk in the Spirit so don’t expect us to be normal oh!
It’s abnormal to be normal in this world of abnormalities.
They accused the Apostles of turning their world upside down
It only takes men of abnormalities to do that.

Spiritual drunkards are rising by the energy of the spirit
We will speak capital tongues of fire;connecting Divinity to humanity with simplicity and power
We will operates the supernatural in the natural
We will ran into hospitals like whirl wind and empty the Hall

We will run into hotels and prostitutes will denounce prostitution and follow Jesus in sincerity of heart
We will depopulate hell and populate heaven by the energy of the spirit
We will run with the speed of light
Expect the unusual dimensions of God’s manifestation in this generation

it’s a spiritual hunger
It doesn’t respect your beauty and elegance
Hunger is not fair oh
Hunger will make you to loose your coordination and decorum
Hunger is the chief drive that regulate our action.

Hunger gives birth to desire and desire to pursuit, then from pursuit to manifestation
Hunger is an embodiment of kinetic energy
And here’s the good news; this kind of hunger is highly contagious and it can be communicated

I accompanied my co- evangelist to a restaurant, peradventurely to eat…
And I have a policy; eating in restaurant is no no no
And immediately we got there, he ordered food and they wanted to serve me, I told them; they should not worry: I’m not eating
At this moment my food is to do the work of Him that sent me….
My eyes captured a beautiful damsel and I learnt, she’s the daughter of the owner of that restaurant

I smiled in my spirit because my hook has captured a big fish, and I began to decode in my spirit to hear what God is saying concerning her; lol and behold, her file were widely opened
As a strategist evangelist, I initiated a conversation with her,boom I told her what I saw concerning her…
She was massively shocked and hunger dropped in her soul and she desire to hear more and I paused the conversation to avoid intruder and distraction

And I told her, we will continue the conversation later, then silently, I began to reset some spiritual code because of some impending impediments
As I was about to go, she jumped out, not minding her pretty face, the service she was rendering and what her father will say
And I knew, sincerely that the bowel of unrecoverable hunger has been activated in her soul
Sir, hunger is real oh
Ma, hunger is not fair,
And she asked me, what should I do, sir?

I quickly reintroduced Jesus to her and showed her the role she ought to play
And I began to download spiritual instruction in her soul by the energy of the spirit
And her father started calling her,
She no even send again oh because she has encountered something tangible
I was carefully watching her, oh my God and I screamed, “Hunger isn’t fair oh

And wisdom is directive so I decided to terminate our conversation because of her service in their restaurant and she gave me her number
Sir, listen to me
I don’t want to be an orator but an Oracle; operating from the frequency of divinity to humanity by the energy of the spirit

That’s why we have vowed to align ourselves to carry God, though we have not started yet
Can you enrol yourself in the school of hungry seekers of God
The admission is still on going
Ma, this hunger is very real…
And it’s also contagious
I transmit spiritual hunger in your soul to seek God in sincerity of heart
May you be enlisted in the school of hungry seekers of God
May the hunger for righteousness swallow every appetite of sin in your life and destiny

We declare activation of spiritual hunger to everyone that’s genuinely connected on this platform by the power of the Holy ghost

God is helping us
We will not be few
Holy ghost is ever ready
Will you be among?

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