Story: Never Stranded – Part 6

Story: Never Stranded - Part 6
Story: Never Stranded – Part 6

Hmmm. Chris sighs. But your wife is pregnant, so you are leaving her alone to cater for herself, your unborn child and 2 kids? Your little children?

They aren’t that little anymore, Diana is Seven.
Benjamin is three!

Seven and three still sound little to me. Chris added

Bro! You are worrying too much, I’ll be back in no time at all.
Yeah, only to be off again.
Look! We’ll discuss this later. I don’t want to miss my flight.
Dennis soon bade his family farewell before leaving for the airport.

Later that evening…
At the dining, Chris was enjoying a wonderful meal of Semo with Melon soup and Vegetables.
They were all eating quietly until Beatrice broke the silence…

Your friends constant traveling seem to bother you a lot. Beatrice smiles.
I saw that you were trying to dissuade him from traveling.
Chris smiles faintly.

His work just demands that he travels often. She continues, We are already used to him always on the move.
She puts a morsel she had dipped in her soup into her mouth and licks the soup that had stained her hands from the morsel.

Well, just because we have gotten used to something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what’s best for us.
Beatrice smiles. I agree, but we aren’t complaining. When he is around, my kids and I try to make good use of the opportunity by spending time together as a family and when he’s gone, we try and adjust.

Chris wondered how someone could get used to something like that. Did they always find it easy adjusting?
As if she had read his thoughts.
Of course, I didn’t find it easy adjusting at first, but with time I got to understand for him and adjusted. My children have too.
Chris looks at her not wanting to intrude or push the argument any further.
That’s good too, I guess.
He continues with his meal.
Thanks for the meal, by the way, you’re an Amazing cook. I’m really enjoying it.
You’re welcome, Mr Folarin.

Evelyn had called Chris later that night.

…oh, I’m glad. They are indeed a wonderful family and quite hospitable too.
Indeed they are.

Please help send my regards.

Of course.

So have you been to Vanessa’s school yet?

Oh, not yet. But they know I’m around, since I called to inform them of my presence in Port Harcourt. The girls were elated and they’ve agreed that I should go to the school tomorrow, then I could return home with the girls so I could say hi to the family….

But of course when Chris got to the school the next day, he wasn’t expecting what he saw!
Deborah had caught the fire from their last meeting and the school had caught the fire with her.
More people in School were already in love with Jesus through her. She had become one person everyone wanted to listen to. Many had heard her testimony and embraced the gospel of Jesus.
She had become a force to reckon with.

She was really happy to see Chris when he came to the school.
After seeing and greeting Mr Duro, they met with the School authority who welcomed Chris with open arms and gave him the permission to counsel as many students as were interested during their long break in school.
Vanessa and Deborah had already introduced Christopher to the students who were easily drawn to him since Debby had said God had used him to lead her to Christ.

Uncle Chris, it’s so good to see you. Debby said when she finally got the chance to speak with him during their long break.
How’s Auntie Evelyn? Debby having noticed Evelyn hadn’t come along.
Oh she’s great. She couldn’t come because of work, I’m on leave.

Oh I’m glad you came. It’s all been really planned by God, that more teenagers would catch the fire through you, which was why you also met Vanessa.
Chris smiles, he was glad to see what God was doing in the school within a short time through a soul.
Are the rest of you here? I mean the six other children I saw you with the day we met. Chris asked

Oh, not all of us are in this school. We are just two here. I and Chima, remember him?
Oh yes. Chris recollected he was one of the troubled teenagers he and Evelyn had spoken to.
What about the others? Chris inquired further.
They attend school elsewhere.
Do you think there’s a way I could get in touch with them?

Yes, I and 3 others attend the same Church and I know their houses too.
Alright. We could fix a time to go check on them or what do you think? Chris suggested.
The girls liked the idea.

When Chris got home later that afternoon, Benjamin and Diana were back from school since their teacher had come to drop them off as usual, the teacher’s house was along that route, so she dropped them off everyday to save their mother the stress of doing so herself.

Mummy, I’m hungry! Benjamin cried.
I’d set the food on the dining now, okay sweetie? Beatrice rubs his cheek.
You already made Lunch? Chris asks surprised.
Yeah, I did. She tickles her son’s tummy. It’s your favorite Benji sweetie.
Yaaay! Benjamin and Diana are excited. Mom made Fried Rice and Chicken.
You prepared Fried Rice? That’s must have taken some time and effort! Chris looked alarmed!
Beatrice chuckles. Anything for my kids! Besides, I love cooking. She heads to the kitchen.
Chris follows her to help. That’s very good. Though, I won’t encourage you stressing yourself.
I understand, you are concerned due to my condition but I enjoy doing this. The doctor says I should do exercises not just lay around doing nothing.

Of course, though I believe there’s a difference between exercise and you stressing yourself. Chris added whilst
following her to the dining with a plate that had transparent lid filled with Plantain and a jug of water.
She had carried the plates that had the rice and chicken in them. She serves them, before settling down to eat.

Are you always this concerned, Pastor Chris? She asks with a curious grin plastered across her face.
Well, I…
You are of the school of thought that pregnant women are fragile and they shouldn’t do anything at all? Beatrice added before he could complete his sentence.

I just believe you shouldn’t do so much house chores…
Yes,I saw what you did in my kitchen before you left in the morning. Thanks for helping with the plates and cleaning the house too. But all these are a woman’s job.

Chris smiles. Luckily I don’t share your opinion on that.
He didn’t want to argue on the matter.

Okay, though this woman here has to work, she’s already added weight so doing nothing could make her look bloated and ugly. I’m already having stretch marks, my feet are swollen. I don’t want to look uglier than I do now.

Chris laughs. Really? You think you are looking ugly? Hasn’t no one ever told you that you were one of the most beautiful pregnant women they have seen?
Beatrice blushes. You are right, two people told me that when I went to the market today to get food stuffs, I thought they were just being kind.

You went to the market today again? Wow! You are one hyperactive pregnant woman!
She bursts into laughter.

Mom! Diana yells
Beatrice turns to her. Yes, Honey?
Didn’t you say we weren’t to talk at the dining table? You and Uncle Chris are breaking your own rules.

Guilty as charged! I’m sorry sweetie, we won’t do it again. Let’s eat!
She and Chris chuckles and continue eating without saying a word.

Later that evening, Dennis called….
Guess what! Chris says excitedly
You and my wife kissed! Dennis responded.
Wait, what! Chris couldn’t believe his ears, what in the world could Dennis be talking about?

To be continued…..

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