Life After NYSC

Life After NYSC
Life After NYSC

Hmmm… life after NYSC?
If you define independence as being able to sustain yourself financially after NYSC, this is a post to digest. Show me a guy who still wants to depend on his parents after leaving school. This is the course any right-minded graduate will take after service.
But it may not be as simple as being said especially in a country where searching for jobs is an institution on its own.

What can you do to avoid depending on your parents, friends, and families after NYSC? How can you make a living after leaving service while yet to get the desired job? I will answer this question from my experiences.

Making any of the decisions below will help you achieve independence after your NYSC year.
Even if you have some viable business ideas, you may still be limited by the required capital. But some people had made their own establishments ready, where you can work in the meantime. However, searching for jobs (or getting a befitting one for that matter) is not an easy task in Nigeria. I don’t need to remind you of what it takes to be called for a bank test or interview here.

That period after NYSC is one of the most challenging times for the average Nigerian youth. If you’re in this phase, here’s your gist:

1. Don’t just jump into entrepreneurship
I know you want to make it & change the world, but please don’t throw in every penny you’ve saved into business, else, this world can change you .

2. Get A Job
Except the business you’re doing is already bringing in returns that can buy the house you’re staying and give your landlords a run for their money, please if you’re the one paying your bills, you might want to consider not refusing job offers just yet.

3.Don’t borrow to start anything.
This one? It can actually do you dirty. If you must do business, start with a portion of your money, and scale up. Borrowing is risky, and you really don’t want to start your life owing debts if things don’t work.

4. Learn about investments and actually practise it.
You see all the clothes, shoes, bags, and all? They can wait. Honestly, they’re not necessary. In 2030, Emeka will not remember the hair you made three weeks ago. There are so many investment platforms right now, research and take advantage of them.

5. Be patient with yourself
Don’t let the, “I started with 100 Naira, and made a million in 2days” testimonies confuse you, else you’ll think you’re the only one not hitting it big. You need patience, a cup full and running over, plenty of it.

5. It’s not compulsory to remain in that place you were posted to, if things aren’t working there, please move.
I know some people got their husbands, wives, good jobs, and settled in the town they served, but what’s your name again? It’s not “some people”, is it? Everyone’s journey is unique and that’s fine, be wise enough to know when to move or stay.

6. Seek advice
See, I know you have nice imaginations and plans of how things might go already in your head, but this ain’t one of the ‘Alice in the wonderland’ series, things can go South real quick, but who ask question no dey miss road. So, ask questions.

What did I miss? Please drop yours if you have any.
Have I mentioned “get a job”? I guess yes. On that note, dear graduates, or unemployed persons, please shoot your shots in the comments. Do a quick summary of your CV, and dear employers, please check the comments for any job roles you can offer anyone.

This is the opportunity some have been waiting for, please be a part of their success stories.

Kindly share this post, tag any employers/job seekers you know. All the best

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