Story: Never Stranded -Part 5

Story: Never Stranded -
Part 5

I’d love to, but we both have work on Monday and we were planning on returning tomorrow. She sighs. But I believe God will make a way.

The way I believe, is already made we only need to yield, right? Elizabeth quizzes.
Evelyn goes silent, that got to her.
God please help me, I don’t know how to go about this please help us. Evelyn prays in her heart.

Evelyn understood the need for urgency in this matter. These young hearts needed to be reached and taken for God, delaying could cause catastrophy beyond repair or could take a while before full recovery. Time is really precious. She had to see what she and Chris could do about it.

You know what, let’s go to bed. I’ll talk to my Fiance tomorrow about it and prayerfully find out what could be done.
Sure. Vanessa agrees. Good call, because I’m feeling sleepy already.
Elizabeth nods in surrender. Okay, let’s sleep, I pray Brother Christopher gives a positive response to our request.

Evelyn smiles understanding the girl’s worry, Amen. Let us pray before we fall asleep. They held hands and prayed then went to bed.

The next day, they had attended Sunday Service at the Family’s Church and thanked their host when it was time to leave.
Mrs Duro had treated them to a wonderful meal before they left with Beatrice, Dennis wife whom Chris had later been able to reach that morning on phone and had come to pick them so she could at least take them to where they could board a vehicle going to their destination, since neither of them came with their cars. She thanked Mr Duro’s Family for taking care of her guests.

Evelyn had briefed Chris on the discussion she and the girls had the previous night. Chris had loved the idea but thought they should still pray about it before taking any step in that direction. Evelyn agreed.
The girls, Vanessa and Elizabeth had been sad they were leaving but had hoped they would be back soon. Though the couple made no promises about they returning to Port Harcourt anytime soon.

… On Wednesday, Evelyn was busy on her laptop behind her desk sorting out the account for the week, how much had come in from who and for what et cetera…

Few minutes later she was done and finally had a few minutes to relax. She heaves a sigh of relief.
Whoo! Thank God. That was a lot of work. Her phone rings, she picks it up and looks at the screen to know who the caller was, she smiled when she saw It was Chris. She swipes on the screen with her thumb to pick the call and puts it delicately to her ear.

Woman of God! Chris says excitedly.

M.O.G! She chuckles.

I’ve missed you and i’ve missed your beautiful voice. Chris added

His voice was soothing to her ears, she blushed.

We chatted earlier this morning. She says feigning the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Yeah. He agrees.

And I left a voice note on WhatsApp, since you always want to hear my voice and last I checked, you have listened to it already.

I agree. I won’t get tired of hearing your voice and seeing you in person. Gush, can’t we just be married already, so I can have you all to myself? He sighs.

The time is almost here, soon you will. Besides, it’s M.O.G we call you oh, so please be patient. She blushes biting her lower lip. She had missed his cool voice too.

Hmmm. Chris Teased. I can tell you’ve missed me too. I know you well. You are most likely biting your lower lip trying so hard not to chuckle in my ears.

Evelyn seems caught off guard, because he was exactly right, she was doing just that. M.O.G! She bursts into laughter.

Yes, I know. He was feeling proud of himself. We are Best friends remember?

Leave me ooo. Now you are feeling proud of yourself, right? Enjoy it while it lasts ooo. She continues laughing.

I am o, and it will last forever. He laughs. So how has work been?
Oh and Alice, is she back at work now?

Oh, yes! How thoughtful of you, you remembered.

Alice was one of Evelyn’s colleagues at work, a nurse, who had gone home early on Monday which was two days ago because of a distress call she got from a neighbor about her mother falling ill.

Yeah. How’s her mom doing now?

Much Better now, thankfully. She had just been a little stressed, was why she fell ill earlier. She is doing better now and Alice is back again. Evelyn added.

Is that my brother in law? Alice had heard Evelyn mention her name.
Please let me speak with him. She giggles excitedly.

Alice wants to speak with you, please hold on for her. Evelyn hands Alice the phone.

Good Evening sir, how have you been? It’s been awhile. Alice greeted excitedly.

Indeed it has. Chris responded.

It’s nice hearing from you again.

Oh same here. I heard mom is doing better now? I’m glad to hear that.

Yes o, we thank God. It wasn’t even as bad as the distress caller made it sound. I thank God though. She’s doing great and I’m back now.

I’m glad you’re back. Chris chuckled, Welcome Back!

Thank you. Let me hand the phone over to your lady before she starts getting jealous! Alice winks at Evelyn who smiles and shakes her head at Alice.

You ehn! Evelyn receives the phone from Alice. Are you Satisfied now?
Yes, I have been able to speak with my Brother in law. So, thanks. She heads back to her duty post.
Alice herself! Chris chuckles.
Abi ooo. Evelyn responds. So where were we?
Oh…yes! That reminds me, I have been granted 2 weeks leave, starting from next week. Which is a Blessing, since it would be an opportunity to follow up those teenagers in Port Harcourt, or what do you think?
Evelyn though excited tried to keep her voice down since she was at work.
Really? I am so excited! Vanessa and Elizabeth would be so happy.

I bet they would. You coming?
I wish I could but I wouldn’t be able to, since my leave isn’t till next month. Though I could try joining you on the weekend, though I’m not sure how that would work, since it would mean me missing 2 Sundays in a row in Church in just one Month, but I’ll see what I can do. Evelyn added.
Chris sighs. I wish we could go together. It seems I would be staying with my friend Dennis after all.
Yeah, that’s true. He should be back from his trip by now, right?
Oh yes, he is. He got back home the same day we returned from Port Harcourt.
You mean, the same Sunday?
Oh, that’s good. Hope his business trip was fine?
Oh, yes it was successful. He won the contract he wanted.
Wow, I’m happy for him.
Yeah, me too.

You are leaving again? Isn’t that too soon? Chris asks concerned.
Winning the contract got me even busier and I need to go get my goods and be sure I’m getting exactly what I asked for.
Can’t you send someone else to go on your behalf?
No! To avoid mistakes I have to do it myself.

…this had been the same Monday Chris had gotten to Dennis’s house. He got there in the morning.
Now Dennis was leaving that same Monday evening again on another business trip.

Look, if you are worried about my family, you don’t need to be. They understand I’m doing all these for them so they can have only the best. So they aren’t complaining.

Hmmm. Chris sighs. But your wife is pregnant, now you are leaving her alone to cater for herself, your unborn child and 2 kids? Your little children?

To be continued….

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