Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu
Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu

The Nigerian born award-winning gospel artiste, songwriter, vocalist, and international worship leader, whose songs have become anthems in several homes and churches around the world Sinach has become a brand. Her life is an inspiration as it has constantly gone from better to better. She shared a story on how she has been on top of her game with the help of the Holy Spirit.

‘I have always sang for as long as I know, I have always loved music, I grew up knowing that I love music and I got born again and it changed for me. The purpose of music became different for me, I started singing in churches, I started singing in the choir then I met my man of God, Pastor Chris. He redirected me on the importance of gospel music in the Church and as a gospel minister.

I grew under him, he gave me the platform to minister to the whole world because he has a global ministry. We went to different places ministering across the country and different continents. I usually led worship, this gave me the opportunity to write new songs. I was able to showcase my talent.

I became a record artiste and the rest is history. A lot of people ask me if I get jittery, yes, sometimes when I go to a new place and don’t know who I am ministering to but then I remember that it is not all about me because a lot of people have good voices but the communication with the Spirit of God makes it different for me.

In preparing, I take my time to connect with the Holy Ghost in a special way as He leads me and soak myself in the Holy Ghost. I sanctify myself in the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues and the Word of God. I prepare like that and stay in a place where I can hear from Him and know what He wants me to do.
At times, He tells me exactly what He wants me to do and at times He is just quite until I get there then I will know. I aim to connect to the ministration of the Holy Ghost. There is a ministration of the Holy Ghost that when you minister, everyone will go away with something, not because of your voice. People can remember a song because of how well you delivered it but they can never forget an impartation of the Holy Ghost.

People can never forget that moment when the Holy Spirit touched them in a different way when you were singing and that is very important for me.’
Indeed, the Spirit of God is what makes her ministration stand out. We bless God for His grace upon her and her ministry.

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