Ever Felt Terrible About Your Background? You Should Read This!

Ever Felt Terrible About Your Background? You Should Read This!

I wasn’t born in a rich home where I could get all I want but at least I never lacked food yet I was always unhappy about my background.
You know how it is when you meet kids from rich homes with expensive toys, you would wish you were like them, we all passed through this stage as kids.

It is disheartening that we grow up with lack of contentment, comparing our parents with others, striving too hard to live a different life and treating our family with no respect because they are not wealthy.
It is good thing to be from a wealthy and comfortable home but if eventually you are not but from a godly home that at least can supply your basic needs then be super grateful.

I have met people who are not from a wealthy home, not even a godly home, they will have to eat from hand to mouth begging from the streets yet they move on, work for themselves, make a living and still stand out in our generation.
When you hold onto where you are from, your past, what you faced as a kid you may never be able to go forward in life. You may not be from a wealthy home but you can make a wealthy home!

Your parents may not be able to get you all wanted but if you got food, good clothes and an education then you should be grateful and if you want to do better for your kids, work towards it.
You have the chance to change whatever you hate, you can become an entrepreneur, working to earn a living for yourself once you are 18. Don’t let anger towards your parents destroy your future.

A lot of us refuse to forgive our parents for not providing the best for us, I know right but instead of being angry why not do something better for them, if you learn a skill, get a job and use your talents, what will happen?
A friend told us how she hawked to pay her school fees because of the financial state of her parents, this is an inspirational story for every lady out there that thinks you must sleep with men to make a living.

There’s no excuse for prostitution, no excuse for stealing, no excuse! You have all the chances to become who you want to be by working for it.
God knows all your pain, every thing you are/will go through and the sooner you put every thing in His hands, the sooner everything gets better. God can change your story in a jiffy so before you blame him for your background, thank Him for the gift of life.

If you had all the money and had no peace nko? Yes, my parents may not be the richest but I am thankful for godly parents, a peaceful home and good parenting.
Where ever you find yourself, be proud and refuse to let situation around stop you from becoming who God has made you to be!

Everything is working out for your good

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