Question Of The Day: IS SMOKING GOOD FOR ME?


The Bible clearly stated that we should abstain from every form of evil (1. Thess. 5-22). Smoking is injurious to our health and anything injurious to our health is evil.

Something evil has no other name than evil. It is a slow poison and people who smoke may think that they enjoy the pleasure they derive from it but in the real sense, they are the damaging directors of their lives.
Smoking slowly kills them and if they don’t stop it, they would eventually regret it.

These are some destructive effects of smoking:

Lung cancer

Colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon or rectum)


Ectopic pregnancy for women.


Gum disease

Likelihood of barrenness for women

Birth to babies with cleft lips and palates


Erectile dysfunction

Untimely death

Smoking has no health benefits and those who practise it are doing themselves more harm than good. If you are a smoker and you are ready to stop smoking, here are some steps you can take.

How to Stop Smoking:

Don’t touch cigarettes, tobacco products, or any smoking substance again.

Destroy all cigarettes and smoking substance you have.

If boredom makes you smoke, keep yourself busy with something worthwhile

Replace your smoking habit with another positive habit such as reading, sports, singing, and the like.

Stop moving with friends who are smokers.

Avoid anything that can trigger you into smoking again.

If you put all the above points into practice and you can’t stop smoking, go for a deliverance session by a trusted and godly minister of God.
I want you to know that God really loves you and so do I.

He wants you to stop smoking because you are His dwelling place (temple). You have to repent of your sins and receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour.
May you reign with Christ in heaven. May God fulfill His counsel in your life in Jesus’ name.

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