Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Archbishop Benson Idahosa

These generals you see it’s not about their name but the impact they have made
In this kingdom if you want to last and be relevant it’s more than just making a name, or the fame, it’s a life called SACRIFICE ….
A Life of impact
Stay and get it o
Kai stay and touch it
When you’ve touched something in God, people will know, you don’t need to make noise, what you are carrying will do the announcement …
Your result will make the noise for you…
Don’t be in a hurry to rush out of your Secret place……

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

It’s better to be hidden and let Christ be seen….
Don’t come out half baked…..
Don’t leave process half -way……
Don’t run away from the Price….
The disciples in the upper room were ordinary men but when something dropped on them from where they were they attracted men of timber and caliber…
People came to look for them……
They didn’t go about announcing that they’ve carried something it was obvious because it
couldn’t be hidden…

The Holy Spirit had touched them….
The fire inside of them didn’t allow them keep quiet…..
That is when you’ll understand what it means for kings to come to the brightness of your rising…..
Rising is a gradual process you start from the ground….
Show me a man of result and I’ll show you a man that has been with God, a man of sacrifice, a man who understands pain….
I look at these generals and i see Sacrifice, Pain, Price….
Why do you think they were distinguished from their mates……

Apostle Ayo babalola
Apostle Ayo Babalola

Aiyee I refuse to fail my generation….
I refuse to disappoint God…..
I will not be like a Snake that passed through a mountain without leaving a trace…..
My generation will not ask me where I was when great men were birthed……
I refuse to come out in a hurry…..
I refuse to come out half baked…..
I refuse to fail my generation……
I refuse to disappoint God…..
Lord in your next move on Earth involve me….

Help me to be part of the revival…..

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