Story: Never Stranded – Part 2

Story: Never Stranded - Part 2
Story: Never Stranded – Part 2

Well, I hope so. Or we could ask around for an hotel where we could spend the night.

Evelyn just couldn’t imagine being stranded in a place they weren’t familiar with, that would be awful. She couldn’t wait to get off the road and rest her back after a busy day. So did Chris, she thought.

“That could work too.” He reasoned. “Let’s ask the woman sitting over there” Evelyn suggested referring to the trader selling provisions across the street. Sure! Chris agreed. As they both crossed the street to ask for directions.

An hotel? The woman inquires. She was a dark and chubby woman, in her fiftys and looked friendly and approachable. Evelyn reckoned.
Yes ma’am, we need a place we could spend the night. We are new here and don’t know our way around.

I see, you are welcome. The woman said.

“Thank you ma’am” Evelyn responded.
There are a few hotels just a little bit ahead, about 5 or 10 minutes walk from here.

Thank you very much for your help ma’am. Evelyn and Chris thanks the woman.
Madam, Good Evening! Someone greeted the woman in a familiar manner like he knew her.

He was in a car.

She responds excitedly,
Ah Customer! Good Evening ooo, how are you sir?
I’m fine. How market na? (Pidgin meaning: how was sales today?)

“I thank God, Mr Duro.” The woman responded jovially.
The customer shifts his attention to Chris and Evelyn. I overheard you saying you needed a place to spend the night?
“Indeed sir.” Chris affirmed. Good evening sir.
A wonderful evening to you too, the man responded.
How about you spent the night at my place with my beautiful family?
You would be treated to a sumptuos homemade meal? He smiles.
On Seeing the surprise and hesitance on Christopher and Evelyn’s faces You have nothing to fear, I mean no harm Just trying to help.

Besides I’d want the same done for me, if I ever got stranded.
Chris felt at peace with it, plus he’d learnt that everything that happens in life is a big opportunity to make Christ known. He sensed in his spirit that God had orchestrated this for their good and was setting the man up for a blessing through them.
He looked at Evelyn to know what she thought of the situation and he got his answer as Evelyn had a peaceful smile plastered on her face. He knew immediately, God had ordained it!

Ahh, Customer! You are a wonderful man. God bless you, sir. The trader salutes cheerfully.
You have nothing to worry about.
You both are lucky o, you got to my shop asking for directions at the right time.

You are already engaged to be married, so why not? their host asked? The man seemed to be trying to wrap his head around what he just heard Christopher say.

Well, it’s like you said sir, “Engaged to be married not yet married, so… Christopher understood he and Evelyn’s boundaries to ensure sexual abstinence till Marriage, would sound absurd too many.
They weren’t alien to such awkward situations. Since their views on Abstinence wasn’t exactly a popular opinion. Though he felt, those born of God should take it as Priority.

Like I said, there are only 3 bedrooms in this flat, one for myself and my wife, one for my two daughters, the third is used for guests. Their host emphasized.

Why don’t I stay with your daughters? Evelyn cut in.

We love our space, thank you! The first daughter named Vanessa interrupted.
It’s just for a night sweetheart, her mom added, gently rubbing her shoulders.
That’s alright. Mr Duro smiles. I hope you don’t mind staying in the guest room alone then, he asks facing Christopher.
Not really sir, but I’m also fine with the Couch, if you don’t mind sir? He quickly added. He could just sleep in the living room, he thought.

That I do mind, he chuckles. I’d rather you were very comfortable and stayed in the guest room.

Alright thank you sir. Chris agrees.

Okay, that’s settled then. Their hosts smiles satisfactorily.
Oh and thanks once again for the Amazing meal, he rubs his Tommy playfully, I enjoyed every bit of it. They all laugh. Well I told you my wife was a good cook Mr Duro added as his wife, Sarah smiles.
You are welcome. Mr Chris. I’m glad you enjoyed the meal.

Soon after they all had retired for the night, Evelyn was still awake. She had chatted with Chris on phone for about 30 minutes before wishing each other a pleasant night’s rest.
Evelyn had remembered what happened barely an hour ago what ensued in their conversation with their host about not staying in the same room with her fiance. She had remembered what had happened one time they had been together alone in Church and not even behind closed doors! Which was why she knew they couldn’t take chances.

That would be a disaster! She thought. She remembered a time Chris had come to Ibadan as was his routine.

To be continued…….

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