Part 1
Part 1

It was so Amazing! I enjoyed every bit of it. Reaching out to Souls is so fulfilling.
Did you hear those kids? I cried when Debby was recounting what she had faced while living with her aunt. Debby? Which one? Chris asked trying to remember which of the teenagers they had preached to Evelyn was referring to.

The girl who had been introduced to masturbation by her cousins. Evelyn replied.
Oh oh! he recollects, the one who said she would love to be a nurse?
Oh, I felt bad for her too. Many youths have been through a lot due to the background they find themselves.
Yes, indeed. Evelyn sighs.
“I really wish we could adopt them. They need Good follow up so they don’t slip into depression or lose their salvation.”

Adopt? Women and Children ehn, so attached! That’s how they get married and the Children get all their Mother’s attention while the Fathers are usually left deprived, with little or no attention and end up becoming jealous of their own children. Chris Teased.

Evelyn Giggles, Men and Jealousy! Don’t worry, I won’t deprive you of my attention.
You better not! Chris quickly adds and both laughs.

Christopher and Evelyn have been Best friends for 4 years now. They met in their final year in higher institution. Though from different Faculties but the same Campus Fellowship.

They had come to decorate the Church in Preparation for the F.Y.B(Final Year Brethren) week. Both had joined the Aesthetic department of the FYB for the week long program, then became friends since then. Then from Friends they became Best Friends, the relationship’s definition changed a little bit once Christopher Proposed to Evelyn. They had since being doing even more things together, than when they were just best of friends.
They had come to Port Harcourt for a Singles and Married Program they had been looking forward to attending since they felt led to. The Program had ended by 3 at noon and they had left the Church and were planning on heading straight to Dennis, their host’s place from there when they noticed some teenagers seated close to an uncompleted building, laughing and gisting.
They felt led to tell them of Jesus. They were 7 in number, 4 girls and 3 boys. And it had been intriguing talking with them as they had been able to open up to Chris and Eve about things they had done but weren’t proud of.
The Holy Spirit had indeed helped in making these young hearts receptive to the Gospel.

Chris had earlier put a call through to Dennis a close friend of his whom he knew was based in Port Harcourt and had his family there, though Dennis had gone to Abuja on a business trip, but his wife and children were in Port Harcourt. So he had told his wife on phone that a friend was coming over to spend the night before returning to their homes the next day. Chris was based in Lagos, Evelyn in Oyo State, Ibadan. He had sent his wife, Beatrice number to Chris, and sent her Chris’ number too so they could get in touch.

My phone battery died! Chris laments.
Evelyn is a little alarmed, What!? How do we get in touch with Mrs Okonkwo now, it’s getting late and their house is quite far from here, we need to get there before it gets dark.
Let me look for where I can charge it a little, so we can call her. Chris suggested.

I should have gotten the number earlier from you when Mr Dennis sent it. Let me try calling him maybe he could re-send her number to me.
No don’t, he’s still probably in the business meeting, and would be unable to pick any calls.
Oh, you’re right. she had dialed the number already.
His phone is switched off. Now we can’t even send him a text. What do we do now? Evelyn asks worried.
Chris tries to put her mind at ease, Don’t worry I should be able to find where I can charge my phone a little bit, so I can reach his wife.

15 minutes later, after re-dialing Beatrice’ number over and over. “Her number isn’t reachable.”
Where do we spend the night now? Evelyn asks.
Don’t worry Evie, God’s own aren’t left stranded, God will make a way for us…

To be continued…..

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