Early last week, I discovered my shoe polish has finished. I needed to polish my shoes before going out. God so good, I saw one of this shoe makers that was going about hawking his business. I called him and gave him 3 of my shoes to polish for me. He did the 3 well, very shining. I put on one and kept the other two shoes somewhere in the room.
This morning, I decided to put on the last shoe. I discovered dust had settled on it. I was like, this shoes that was shining like crystal sea that day. Dust has now covered it as if it was never polished at all. I felt for that shoes . It happened like that to that shoe because I did not use it.

Dust covered it because I did not put it on for days..
Friends, that’s how it is in our lives. Any gift, potential, grace, ministry, power, etc no matter how polished they might be in our lives, when we don’t put them to constant use, ‘dust’ will settle on them!
There are people going about with gift, ministry, power, potentials, visions, dreams polished but not in usage and ‘dust’ have settled on them and it has covered their shining.

My shoes were not fit to be put on to go out today until I cleaned off the dust and re-polished it. As long as you don’t do anything about the ‘dust’ that have settled on your life, on your vision, ministry, potentials, gifts, ministry, dreams, capacity, etc, you will be unfit for any profitable ‘outing’.

Shake off the dust!!! Re- polish yourself ,from all that dust that has settled on in your life. It is time to shine again!
I love you. Hope this minister to someone?

Ebenezer Diyaolu

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