In 2018, I did something wrong and then reported myself to the clergy overseeing my local community.
He was disappointed in me. Well, I was a new convert then. But, that’s not enough reason to do what I did.
In other to please God and His man, I began seeking advises from a lot of ‘brethren’.

You know, one blocked me on facebook because according to him, he isn’t seeing any brokenness in me. Okay? I joke a lot. I am always active. My photos are edited. I talk a lot here. I did this, I did that. I am this, I am that.
And, he blocked me.

I don’t want to mention names of churches. But you see some holiness oriented brethren, they have unknowingly pushed many into the same pit God’s Grace dug them from.
I experienced real depression.
Some began avoiding me. Till date.
But something happened today.
One of the person I held in high esteem tried demeaning me.
I am a sinner to associate with this holy being.

I went into prayers and God reassured me of His love and mercy towards me.
That was enough for me. The assurance… His Assurance.
This is one of the reasons I don’t like associating myself with certain individual. In fact, I am very scared of human.
This is also why my life and lifestyle aren’t based on denomination or doctrine.

If we Christians can’t embrace a one dugged out from the mud all because you grew up in a Pastor’s house — a privilege — and heeded to all that was taught, then we really don’t know what Calvary means.
It is this love from Jesus that constrains us to preach the gospel. The same gospel you preached was accepted by a temporal pig[temporal sinner].

Yet, you scolded them and got irritated. You don’t want to associate with them. You don’t want to have anything to do with them.
May God not find you guilty of murder.

A new soldier needs the encouragement of those who have been there before him to forge on.
You have been there before many. Give a shoulder, not a kick.

Written by VICTOR APEH

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